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Flash Game Tournaments 2020





Do they really think we gamers read notifications while playing? Pathetic. :smile:
I will do better next time.


It’s harder when the game lags on your phone.


Fell in a deep deep hole:

That pace really picks up…

Dear Mom,

You just said dinner’s 5 minutes 2 minutes ago. Now you tell me dinner’s getting cold… Now if I can’t believe you, I don’t know who else to believe any more.

Boy who loves to walk home while playing video games despite holey sidewalks


Sorry for not participating lately, I was going to do Frogger but I kept forgetting.


interesting game, lol


I got trapped

The leftmost button at the top will change the quality, if it’s set to auto it will lag every time it tries to change to another quality.

And for people playing in the browser, F11 will attempt a full screen of the game if it’s supported or it will eliminate the search bar and etc to make more room for the page.


Simple but well executed design, my best so far

new best


The slight sway of the phone is gonna make me motion sick lol.


I am so close to 2K…

Just past 2K…

I know I am grounded… I wonder if @PeteMcc got any more funny messages from mom…

Need to stop today, getting worse with time. High today was 2038 (meant to grab a screenshot, but pressed the wrong button.) The high scores are saved anyway, this game is pretty cool. Thanks for the suggest @Terzom. :+1:

The game is so meta. You know when you fall into a pit, there seems to be a slime monster that comes to eat you. It would appear that the game within the game is actually tracking along with the MC in the game’s reality underneath the sidewalk. Thus the MC’s life is always in danger, without chance of rescue should he fall into any of the holes. But if he were to stop playing the game, he would make it home okay. By his walking speed of not being too slow and mom’s constant nagging, he would still be grounded, with a cold dinner, etc. But at least he would still be alive.

Put the phone away, kids, if you are walking home from school. And definitely don’t use a bluetooth headset that seems to phase in and out…


First attempt, not great.


This is probably my favourite game so far. I can get to 2000 pretty easily, but the difficulty really seems to spike after that.

no mum please dont delete my fortnite account


Honestly I don’t remember, was too busy making sure a amorphous blob and phone addicted millennial didn’t fall to their doom


I had to smol jump :no_mouth:



I made a small jump too, not quite as big… haha…


Them runs today (Felt like recording today just to distract myself a little more):

Improving still:

Flipped Enki’s last two digits…


Didn’t know you had a youtube channel, you’ve got quite the pleasant voice there.:sweat_smile:


Thanks! :smiley:

I mainly use it for doing some gameplay videos of games I am reviewing in first-look blind gameplay from the beginning usually. Otherwise it’s just a few games that I enjoy. I have hardly any visitors, so thanks for the sub!



Small improvement, but still trying to break 2200.


lol, they need to hide the score ticker! Between mom hitting me up, threatening to ground me, headphones connecting and the score… ah, DOOMED