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Flash Game Tournaments 2020


That’s a cute little game.
First attempt result:


This is an interesting game

too tired… must stop playing


Very fun little flash game:

It gets quite busy after a while:


This game is fun, but I keep making stupid mistakes. I don’t think I’m patient enough for this.


Might try a better score later, who knows, this one is enjoyable


Ahh I missed the rook spawning…

A game of patience for sure




Hmm. None of these games works on my phone it seems. It could be nice way to spend my lunchbreak but alas…


Rook should work on your phone. It might take some time to load but works fine on my Android. :thinking:


This game is actually really cute and kinda relaxing. I’m terrible at it though, I can’t even break a score of 100 cause I get to hasty and am not at all tactical, so I don’t think I’ll even submit a score this time xD It’s just too laughable.


Simple, but a nice game.


Pretty fun if played fast.


that 1 point…


I keep getting tricked by active spawns, when the piece spawns already ready to move, that’s some dick move. Or maybe it’s my own damn mind playing tricks.


Active spawns only move after their “semi-transparent” figures turn solid.

They never move upon initial spawn. So you can use this to your advantage.


What I mean is that they spawn already solid, so they move the next round, instead of the regular semi-transparent>solid>move. I’ve lost a good few fast-paced streak to that, so that’s why I think it could be just me not paying attention. Unless anyone else can confirm these spawns.


Don’t think I’ve seen anything spawn solid instantly, but I have not played the game enough to say it never happens.


I’ll settle for this score, definitely a game I can come back to play again to pass time :rofl:


I am sweating so much from moving a single piece on a chess board… lol


I was having a good run too.