(FIXED) Didn't receive my Game Key

Hey there! I’ve tried emailing chrono.gg support 2 times now, with no response whatsoever.

TL;DR I payed 5 bucks and didn’t receive my code.

During the Chronomicon event I’ve purchased a key for Enter The Gungeon, and even though I got the receipt and my transfer seems to have succeeded, I didn’t receive an email with the key. I do have to mention that I wasn’t logged in at that moment of purchase, if that makes a difference, but it still prompted me to enter my email.
I had also bought Oneshot about an hour later – everything worked fine and I got my code.

As much as I want to trust Chrono, right now I feel scammed, since my emails are being ignored.

Hey, apologies for not getting back to you, I’m not seeing any tickets concerning this, so they may have been eaten by the support queue somehow. Regardless, check your PMs, I’ve sent you a key. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, cheers!