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Finally Settled in my new place


Got my games and figures set up first haha!


Looking sweet there, so organized. And quite a few limited editions.
Jealous of that Kurisu figurine, never had the cash when it was available.


I had no money the first time around but they rereleased it awhile back and I jumped on it soooo fast <3


Wow, thats quite the collection you got there.


Looks great! :smiley: I will just show my wife this picture next time she wants me to get rid of some of my older games… haha! :+1:


Holy shit that’s lit! Congrats. Curious abut your makeup setup as well! Enjoy the new place. :hugs:


Haha,love the Onion Knight!


You have good tastes! I’m jealous of your Nendoroids and dark souls collection.

Oooh is that Trigun I see?


yeeeeeee, the companion cube! :heart:


It is! Vash and Wolfwood ^___^ And man the Dark Souls figures are nice but SO EXPENSive, definitely the highest quality figs I own


I love him toooo. My boi Siegmeyer <3


@dusty companion cube is love, companion cube is life <3

@coralinecastell Thankyooou. My makeup setup is non-existant until my vanity is delivered in a few weeks haha

@YQMaoski xD Never get rid of anything! It’s a sin!

@THEFIREGAMER123 Thanks ^^ been collecting for awhile now as you can see haha


It all looks so Vogue…:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Congrats! Super jealous of your collections. Looks amazing though! When I saw @Vindace mention Trigun, I was super happy to hear it mentioned because I freaking love Trigun. Such a good show! That Seigmeyer figurine is awesome! What an awesome character. Couldn’t remember his exact name though. I love when he thinks about something going, hmm, hmm, hmm, oh ho! Freaking love that! Maybe I’ll just call him the Onion Knight instead. Easier to remember. I wonder if that’s a reference to Final Fantasy III. Hmm…:thinking: But no Solaire?! Sacrilege! Just kidding. Also, I freaking love Dark Souls if you couldn’t tell. But really, you should get Solaire. Praise the sun! :sunny: