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Finally an essential update to Epic's launcher for the game library. Sorting!


There has finally been an update to Epic’s launcher game library with sorting. Whether it’s searching for games by; alphabetizing, most recent, installed games, all games and also a list or grid view. I know it shouldn’t be a big deal, but we have all been waiting for something that is so essential to our game libraries ever since steam has existed. I don’t know if steam was the first game launcher, maybe there was something else that was very archaic, but I know steam has been popular and really the only launcher for a long time and has been the popular choice for launchers. Don’t quote me on this information, it is just my guess. If someone could give more information about maybe what the first game launcher was that would be pretty interesting to me. If there was a launcher before steam or if steam was completely different when it first started, that would be quite interesting to know. Anyways, about time this update has finally come to fruition. This makes me quite happy to finally have sorting and I know I’m not the only one. I might be blowing this out of proportion, but isn’t it really nice and shows how important it is to have sorting? I certainly do.


It’s really sad how we have to celebrate Epic adding these industry standard features - that being said, yay, improvements!


I missed most of the day, but I like the reboot too. Also: 6 Batman games.

bounce bounce


To be fair, isn’t their client relatively new? If it is, focusing on performance and major bug fixes is probably a focus. If it isn’t a new client, I agree entirely.


Is this latest update the first time we’ve been able to see our playtime? I’ve never noticed it before, but they have definitely been recording it from a long time ago.


It is very sad that we have to celebrate something like this. An essential feature like you mention that is a standard now.

December 6, 2018 is when it launched. So I guess you could call it relatively new, but new is subjective. An essential feature like sorting should have been done far sooner. And if they are constantly working on bugs, then that means their launcher is not ready or ready enough to be released. Sure, there will always bugs, nothing is bug free, but if that’s all they are focused on, then essential features and new features will sit in the background and keep getting delayed. It took them almost 10 months to get sorting implemented? I find that inexcusable. I don’t like Epic, so I definitely don’t condone something like this to be so late.


It’s not the first time the playtime has been implemented. I was looking for it before some time ago and couldn’t see it. It’s not the most obvious since it’s a bit hard to see so I could see why you might have missed it and I don’t really know when it was implemented.


About a year, if I’m correct. That being said, although I agree that they still need a bit more time to improve, EGS is still not free from their exclusives shenanigans.