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Finally [after 8 years!] found a way to buy Steam wallet codes


I know for most ppl that isn’t an issue at all, as most can just buy them in stores or straight up on Steam, but there’s no options to buy them physically where i live, and Steam won’t accept my payments.

However, on steam itself, I found this store option for South Africa (apparently it works for plenty of countries):


talking about the second one (others wouldnt even open for me):

and though ofc I’m a bit nervous putting in my payment info on a South African site (I guess that’s prejudice for you), I did try it because if Valve themselves list them as an aggregated seller, then i guess that’s enough for me.

and it worked! I bought a 150 rand card


and i got a $8.69 steam wallet code delivered by email, and it worked!

rly happy about this! finally! a real solution! OMG!

(@YQMaoski OMG, i can finally actually definitely retire :joy:)


YEA! :heavy_heart_exclamation::sparkler::tada::fireworks::ribbon:


nice man, happy for ya.


Like I always said, I hope this turns into more quality time with your family instead of the endless and mindless actions yielding small bits of wallet funds at a time. That alone should be worth the actual spending of money on the games that you want to play for yourself. I am happy for you to finally be able to buy stuff from Steam now. :smiley:


Yay!!! So happy for you, man :tada:
Was pleasantly surprised to see that my country helps in some way with something :joy:


lol, now i have no more way to buy anything anywhere online at all :joy:

let’s see if Payoneer finds a solution to this mess…


Ouch, that really blows. Time back to managing microtransactions… Hopefully they figure it out and you get a good solution soon.


Not sure if your Regional 7-11 has them but where I’m from we can purchase Steam Wallet funds from 7-11’s propriety purchasing app called “Cliqq” available at the AppStore or GoiglePlay store.


I think @M00 might be in the middle of BFE (possibly literally).


indeed, so there’s no 7-11’s here :joy:

there’s nothing here that sells Steam cards, closest is Saudi Arabia


Had to look that up, never heard it before. I like it.


When Mr. Delenn heard me say that and I explained to him what that meant, he just laughed and laughed. That was over 23 years ago.:joy::rofl: