Fighting Fantasy Classics Bloodbones(Gamebook) is FREE!

"Bloodbones sees you take on the role of a traveler seeking vengeance against the powerful Pirate Lord Cinnabar. The dread Captain raided your village and murdered your family many moons ago, and YOU have journeyed to the Port of Crabs to hunt him down and have your revenge.

The original gamebook is notorious for being the “lost” Fighting Fantasy title and although it was written during the books’ Puffin paperback run of the 1980s and 90s, it wasn’t published until 2006 by Wizard Books. Now, Bloodbones makes a triumphant return as part of our Classics library."
Fighting Fantasy Classics Bloodbones


This does not appear to be a limited time offer or giveaway of any sort, just the standard content that their “free to play” marketplace/client comes with?


okay that does make me a tiny bit nostalgic, hiding out in the school library scribbling stats in the margin etc
-pretty sure i even saw City of Thieves lying around somewhere few days ago :thinking:



I think so.

Here is some info about the other Game books… With 25% off for a limited time.


This look right up my alley. Thanks for pointing this out for me!