Feeling Good (Husk Key Giveaway)(Finished)

In light of @Punkster being very nice and giving away a key for Crawl, which reminded me I have a key for a game lying around that I will never use, I got caught that generosity bug and am going to give away a free key for the game Husk.

Its an indie horror game (not my style hence never redeemed), that seems to have mixed reviews on steam, but hey you’re getting it for free so who cares!

Heres the link to the game on steam:

To Win:

  1. Really want the game (dont just grab it just because its free, I want it to go to a home where it will be loved and taken care of)
  2. Tell me a spoopy story (short ones please and if it happened to you bonus points)

Really what i am most likely gonna do is leave this here for a day and then use a randomiser to pick a winner from the comments left, but if there is no spoopy story in the comment no win :slight_smile:.

Have fun,


It was a dark and stormy night when John realized he had to use the restroom. But when his business was said and done he discovered… THERE WAS NO TOILET PAPER!!!1!1! Try not to cry from fear, Pete ;0


Some of the scariest stuff i have ever heard right out of the gate! And I wasn’t crying, i have sensitive tear ducts. Lets keep this going! (also if you want to join in on the spoopy stories but dont want the game just say so in the comment and i will not add you to the draw)

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I do want the game, which is why I immediately went for the big guns. I go hard.


Not entering, i do want to say thanks, tho :3


I loooove horror games! Okay, very short personal story :smiley: Long time ago I was watching The Ring in the living room. When I came back to my room my TV was on, flickering :astonished: I noped out of there pretty quickly.


Well with only one genuine entrant in 24 hrs it looks like @DoomCaek gets the key, Congrats!

I was hoping for a few more entrants but eh, at least its going to a home where it will be used.

I will PM you the link to redeem the key Camilla, enjoy!


Thank you so much! <3

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No Problems


oh s*** i misread your comment man
now i have to make this up to you
let me see what i can do, my apologies

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trust me to botch my first giveaway sheesh

The toilet water splashed up on my butt and the toilet paper tore. (Legit never told anyone this…)

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dude you know that is legit scary

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crisis averted we have found a consolation prize for @TheMagicWalrus, all is right in the world… i think

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