FCB Chicago Seeks To Fight Gaming Bullies



Well that sound pretty dumb and not ripe for abuse at all.
Vigilante “justice” always a bad idea.


Man I been playing as the vigilante in watchdogs for a long time and killed enough civilists to know you are right lol


tell that to the punisher :wink:

but no, a “vigilante hit squad” sounds ridiculous and will probably incite more ridicule for the users of this service. Lemme emphasise probably, because when I first heard about communism from Karl Marxs manifesto, I thought it sounded like it should work, it did not. (bear in mind I was 12)


i read that as being a sarcastic comment,
since it was a reply to a mention on it being an astroturf(ie. fake) campaign by marketing companies


I don’t understand how this will work logistically. I was just talking to someone about this.

Victims can notify the Bully Hunters via the site, or they can request any Bully Hunter as a friend through Steam and send them an IM asking for assistance. The Bully Hunters are notified and will then enter the game and begin working to beat the harasser out of the game.

Most games work primarily matchmaking now: CS:GO, Fortnite, PUBG, TF2 and you can’t join off a person’s game that isn’t on your friend’s list usually. How is this going to actually work? Now, if this was 5-10 years ago, sure. This would have worked great.


oh yeah? Tell that to the Batman!

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aaaaaaaaagh u stole my joke b4 i made it!

Brilliant! This is something that is totally needed!

I never leave home without an elite female vigilante by my side, just in case anyone rubs me the wrong way.

Come to think of it, we really need to assemble a hit squad of elite females to protect the Chrono Community.


@delenn13 can only do so much on her own :smile:


OH. MY. GAWD! Too Funny! Definitely bookmarked!

Edit! I think we need Coins on our belts and I am sure @nebula7, @coralinecastell, @yoshirules, and @DoomCaek would agree… :eyes:


Over on twitter Shannon Plante when’t to investigate this bully hunter thing more and here is her Tweet thread about what she found out.


Love it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I reversed image searched to find out what that is and got

Gisele & The Green Team
Teenage girls lead double lives as supermodels and environmental super heroes.

I do have a degree in Science with a major in Botany, maybe I can finally start using it. Apparently I can pass as a teenager, I got carded at the bottle shop last week (drinking age is 18 in Australia) as for the supermodel thing…two out of three ain’t bad.


:rofl: I had no idea who the girls in the image were, but thanks for sharing that :+1:

It sounds hideous.


Ya know? the number of jokes I consider funny in my head, but then I refrain from doing because I think they could be misinterpreted and get me banned or at least scolded is more than what I would like them to be.


I know how you feel dude. The majority of my posts go through a lengthy approval process before they are deemed acceptable. These days, you really have to be careful about what you say :wink:


I’m very sad to hear this, it’s unfortunate that we feel this way. It a can be a sign of a rather hostile environment if people feel like they have to walk on egg shells in public for fear of backlash. Sure of course we all and always will watch more closely what we say and do in public than we do with a circle of close friends, but once it reaches a certain level it can become straight up oppressive.

Make your jokes, I will stand or fall with you if that may be the case. Even if I didn’t find them funny.


Not gonna lie I’m kinda intrigued . I’ve already checked one site but they didn’t have it

I just found it on YouTube!!!

It’s short, the episodes are like 3-4 minutes, and it’s Gisele as in Bundchen, the supermodel married to Tom Brady.

Oh yeah, it’s bad and I’m having a great time watching it!

The yellow chick, me in the picture, her special power is ‘remote viewing’ WTF?!?

Edit: The first couple eps are hilaribad, the rest are straight up baaaaad

Son of Edit: I recognise the voice of the bad guy ‘Nick Slick’ as Nazeem from Skyrim, I had to google, but he also voices Torbjorn in Overwatch and a heeeap of others. Otherwise the voice acting is pretty awful


Oh boy being Brazilian myself I can’t help stop myself from liking her!

And I’m totally up for our elite team. Of course we can maybe hug people into calmness of spirit rather than applying violence in the name of justice. What say you, girls?

I’ll get my flower cannon ready just in case, BRB.

@nebula7 I also think it’s amazing how invested in this show you got Hahaha I’ll make sure to check it out myself too :joy:


uh oh


How about calling us the “Chrono Crusaders”?:sparkles:

Yea, gonna have to watch “our” show…:joy: