Favourite nintendo ds games

While I have largely moved onto the nintendo switch (still sort of using 3ds for pokemon). I just acquired some old ds games. These are yoshi world, dogz 2 and over the hedge. I haven’t yet played them as I am away atm.

I wondered if anyone else still plays ds games or have any fond memories of it.


Any of the Etrian Odyssey games, though they did rerelease them on 3DS. I also very much enjoy playing Dokapon Journey with my boyfriend.


I love the DS. I particularly enjoyed both the Ace Attorney and Professor Layton series. Solo titles like Elite Beat Agents and Ghost Trick stick out in my mind. OOOOh also those Mario & Luigi games like Bowser’s Inside Story or Dream Team. Granted, games like the Ace Attorney series got rereleased for PC and console, I still have awesome memories working nights and going through each case on my breaks :).


Pokemon Soulsilver anyone?

Seconding the Phoenix Wright series and the 3DS Kingdom Hearts is a fantastic game as well.


Well, as you’re into Pokemon, try Pokemon HeartGold\Soul Silver, they’re awesome and still hold up pretty well. If you ever played Kingdom Hearts 2, then Kingdom Hearts 352/2 Days is a must play, though this game is nice by itself, too.


There are also nice Zelda, Castlevania and Fire Emblem games, but i’m not sure if those are exclusives for DS and cannot be played elsewhere.


We both seem to have similar tastes since those are also on my list of good games.

I still play with my DS, in fact, is charging at the moment, it’s right shoulder button is unresponsive at times, and the hinge on the screen is broken so I have to hold it while I play, waiting for the new case to arrive so I can repair it.

Anyways adding to what Culdra said:

  • Hotel Dusk room 215
  • Love Plus+
  • Sola to Robo
  • Dragon Ball Origins I & II (Some of the best dragon ball games out there)
  • Megaman Starforce Series
  • Etrian Odyssey Series
  • Shin Megami Tensei (DS, DS2 & Strange Journey)

Just to name a few, there’s a ton I like but those have really good stories and/or aesthetics which I happen to like :smile:
I’ll may think of more later on

@joxter those Castlevania games are indeed (as far as I know) DS exclusive, good games too.


Exact titles escape me, but my buddum has a DS and a few titles like
. Zelda: Phantom Hourglass,
. Pokemon,
. Professor Layton,
. SpiderMan,
. a very cutesy Sims
.one or two music ones.

It’s something I’m thinking to start playing at night when I can’t sleep, mostly she plays. Do have fond memories of trying to figure out the Professor Layton puzzles together, his sidekick is so adorable too! Zelda I played a bit of, very strange compared to playing on Pc, but Link is joy, always.


Besides some of the obvious choices mentioned above, hands down Cooking Mama is in the upper echelons of my favourite Nintendo DS games… easily in my top 3. I truly have a deep emotional connection to this game, many an hour was spent bonding with my daughter as we strived for gold on every recipe. Not to mention, all the recipes we actually tried to cook IRL long before these type of videos appeared on Youtube.


Project Rub (Feel the Magic) is still my favorite DS game, such a fun and simple game. The Zelda games were fun too, I liked the gimmicks with closing your system and whatnot.
I never did like the DS Pokemon games that much, they just felt too sluggish imo.


Some NDS songs, how many do you recognize?

One of my favorites that I didn’t find in the lists.


Mario kart Ds is my favorite Mario cart, I loved Pokemon white 2 (though i never finished it). The lego battle games where cool. overall i LOVE the ds.


I used to love playing Mario Party DS, Pokemon (all of the DS ones), and Mario & Luigi. I still do, but I used to as well.

Though, I used to get stuck often in M&L. Again, I still do, but I used to as well.


The World Ends With You is INCREDIBLE (INCREDIBLE I tells ya!) (Incredible!) and the Chrono Trigger remake is nigh on perfect, and the best way to play it. For games that you might not have heard of try Soul Bubbles which is a brilliantly relaxing experience, fun and lovely to play, the Castlevania games (which are all good), Scurge:Hive is a fun isometric adventure, Aliens: Infestation is an Aliens themed Metroidvania by Wayforward, GTA: Chinatown Wars shows that a Rockstar game can work on the DS, 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors is a great story driven puzzle game, the Picross games will devour your free time, Ghost Trick Phantom Detective, Bowser’s Inside Story, Retro Game Challenge, Kirby Canvas Curse…etc, etc…

I loved the DS and the PSP…both incredible handhelds, and I have them to this day…


Yo-kai watch is pretty fun, imo less grindy than Pokemon.


@xist First game ever was likely one of those handheld knockoffs that you played Tetris and other brick games on. Handheld gaming is mighty fine! Didn’t know there was a Chrono Trigger on DS. Coolio. Must be expensive though. Will give it a look see.

So I decided to go through my DS games because it's been a while,

I don’t have nearly as much for the DS as I do for other systems (I mostly used an R4 in those days)… But it’s a nice little mix of Pal and Ntsc games. I do have most of the other Pokemon games too but my brother has been borrowing them (for like 5 years)…

It’s not too bad actually, I picked it up for $10 new a few years back. You might not be able to find it quite that cheap but it’s nowhere close to the snes price.


Can’t believe i forgot to mention Cooking Mama! I have all of them for DS. Theres nothing more satisfying than peeling those hot potatoes lol.


Now I remember just how many ds games really were in existence hahah, some very like bleh but just lots of them.
Yeah I haven’t played pokemon heartgold or soul silver at the time I guess I was playing other stuff lol I did have a go on the original pokemon silver through emulator though. The mainline pokemon game I really did get into was pokemon black.
I might buy the japanese version as long as it is compatible. (Pokemon bw is region locked and so are 3ds too i think)

I have stacks of ds games even after trading in a couple.
I remember having fun playing the cooking mama game I only owned the original game but it was always funny when mama got angry.
But I played the second version a fair bit on my friends ds, i remember being able to change her clothes there.


This was my first DS game, and yeah, probably also my favorite.

Professor Layton series is also right up there too. :smiley:


This is the pinnacle of gaming: