Favorite Movie

Thanks for reminding me! Psycho should be in my top 1 ‘runner up’ list.


Pantoufle obvi!!!

  1. Constantine - My Halloween night go-to movie, every single year. :slight_smile:
  2. Equilibrium - Christian Bale
  3. Howl’s Moving Caste - “What a pretty fire!”

And no matter how bad the movie is, I’ll watch Bruce Payne in anything, lol.


As some other folks have stated, this is hard as it depends on the mood I am in. But to name 3 that I generally am in love with…

  1. Willow - edit: I must say this IS my favorite of allllll time, though, hehe. I’ve watched this film since I was a young lad and still to this day it will never be boring!

  2. What Dreams May Come - I always forget this came out in '98. Anyhow, Artistically and Emotionally Amazing!
    edit #2, lol: this movie also has an alternate ending. I cannot remember which ending I like better - the theatrical release or the other - but both were great

  3. LOTR!!!

  4. As I sit here and think of movies I am generally in love with, gosh, I really could go on and on :stuck_out_tongue:


So really really hard to say actually . Thou most of the time when i’m asked what’s my favorite movie Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ comes to mind first so i guess you could call it my favorite movie! But besides it i really love all sorts of horror movies .


I’ve watched a lot of movies so this is really hard, I’m having a difficult time trying to rank my top three soooo I won’t.

Fantastic Mr. Fox - Wes Anderson is one of my favourite directors and while I can say I think Grand Budapest is a better movie this one just fits all my personal biases.

Synecdoche, New York - A film that makes me feel a massive amount of emotions that other films can’t seem to compete with. It’s hard to explain this one, especially in so few words.

Cornetto Trilogy - I love all three so, so much I couldn’t possibly choose, but since when I watch one I end up watching the other two straight afterwards I think this counts.

There’s so many movies I adore beyond belief but I guess this will do. :I


Fantastic Mr. Fox is great, I enjoyed the book a bit more than the film. But still, I could watch that movie one hundred times over (assuming I already haven’t).