Fantasy Bundle @ Fanatical

Disciples II: Rise of the Elves seems to be a goody but oldy to collect, though the rest of the bundle might not justify the price IMHO.

Also, Runestone Keeper is available in the Humble Trove. So go check it if you are interested.:wink:


There’s a few good games in this package.
Disciples and Runestone keeper already mentioned are pretty good games, runestone keeper might be the best mobile game I’ve played on PC.

King’s bounty is another Good Old Game in the vein of Heroes of Might and Magic. It parodies fairy tale stories and mixes in a good bit of adult humour in the process.

Bit dungeon is kind of a roguelike Legend of Zelda. I’ve only played the first game though, so I don’t know for sure how this 3rd installment plays.

Toren and Celestian Tales seem to be in the category of not the best games in their market but decent enough to be worth playing.


aye, i had a very enjoyable time with Toren. It’s truly nothing “special”, and it doesn’t really stand out like someone might want, but somehow it still manages to hook you in enough for a brief pleasant experience, beyond “just being gorgeous”.
-don’t think i’d pick the bundle just for that ofc, one definitely would have to be interested in more of the other games for more value, considering Toren has been cheaper several times i think.


Thanks, @pegasusz :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

I have most of them.


If I anyone gets it, I’d trade ye or something for King’s Bounty Dark Side. I’m on the fence about outright getting this one.


Or wait for winter sale for the whole franchise :wink:


True fam, as Dark Side is the only one I don’t have yet. ^^ :heart: