Fanatical's Dollar Collections

Fanatical Dollar Packs

Sudden Strike Trilogy

Sudden Strike TrilogyE

POSTAL Paradise Pack

Includes: POSTAL ReduxE:tradingcard:, POSTAL 2E:tradingcard:, and POSTAL 2: Paradise LostE:tradingcard:

Ittle Dew 1 & 2+ Double Pack

Includes: Ittle DewE:tradingcard: and Ittle Dew 2+E:tradingcard:

Commandos Collection Pack

Commandos PackE

Puzzle Cities Bundle

Townopolis, Romopolis, Megapolis CollectionE:tradingcard:

Hero of the Kingdom Trilogy

Includes: Hero of the KingdomE:tradingcard:, Hero of the Kingdom IIE:tradingcard:, and Hero of the Kingdom IIIE:tradingcard:

Mass Creation Triple Pack

Mass Creation BundleE:tradingcard:

Underland Double Pack

Includes: UnderlandE and Underland: The ClimbE

Monsters’ Den Collection Bundle

Monsters’ Den Collection BundleE:tradingcard:


Your Fanatical links seem to be going through Steam and don’t work reliably.


I deliberately made the second links for Steam so you could tell if you had them or not. To me, it didn’t make sense to give the links for Fanatical when their Bundle page already gives the info for each game.


I meant the Fanatical links, the first in each pair, they’re Steam redirects to Fanatical rather than just the Fanatical link, compare:
Your link:
Clean link:


Oh, I see…Said the blind man.

Sorry, Now I understand. Taken care of. Thanks for the feed back. :star_struck: