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Fanatical Very Positive Bundle


Sexy Brutale, RiME, Bastion and Dex, $3.49

Ends in ~2 days and 14 hours from the time of posting.

Really great bundle if you don’t already own them, so I’m sharing. Peace. :butterfly:


Yeah that’s a really great bundle, not a single dud in that package. I already own all 4 of them and I can greatly recommend them all. Rime is the only one I have not yet played, great find.


Thanks dude!
Great for that price :slight_smile: don’t want them all but I can always give the other keys away or sell.

Have a nice day sir! :sunglasses:


less than a $ each for the games with that bundle, pretty amazing deal for people that don’t already own, :exploding_head: :+1:


I’m a girl, but you’re welcome nonetheless! Glad I could be of help. :hugs:

Agreed, @Gnuffi! :butterfly:


Ouch, my bad :sweat_smile: Sorry ma’am

My friend liked the games I didn’t want :yum:


Have them all being a Bundle Baby but an awesome bundle for that price if you don’t have them.