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Fanatical Very Positive Bundle (Is Back Once Again!)


Sexy Brutale, RiME, Bastion and Dex, $3.49

Ends in ~2 days and 14 hours from the time of posting.

Really great bundle if you don’t already own them, so I’m sharing. Peace. :butterfly:


Yeah that’s a really great bundle, not a single dud in that package. I already own all 4 of them and I can greatly recommend them all. Rime is the only one I have not yet played, great find.


Thanks dude!
Great for that price :slight_smile: don’t want them all but I can always give the other keys away or sell.

Have a nice day sir! :sunglasses:


less than a $ each for the games with that bundle, pretty amazing deal for people that don’t already own, :exploding_head: :+1:


I’m a girl, but you’re welcome nonetheless! Glad I could be of help. :hugs:

Agreed, @Gnuffi! :butterfly:


Ouch, my bad :sweat_smile: Sorry ma’am

My friend liked the games I didn’t want :yum:


Have them all being a Bundle Baby but an awesome bundle for that price if you don’t have them.


The Fanatical Very Positive Bundle is back!

If you missed it last month, you have another chance at getting:

The Sexy Brutale, Dex, Bastion and Rime for the incredibly low price of €3.69 (or $4.22)