Fanatical tinyBuild Party Bundle

I wasn’t suggesting that your opinions are inappropriate, I just thought that if you had not played some of the games, and automatically leaving a negative comment seems unfair. That’s all. I definitely think that your opinions are reasonable though, if you feel that a game is not worth your time, it’s certainly reasonable for you to indicate as such.



All tiny build games I’ve touched are pretty nice so I trust this publisher… it’s shame I only kinda care for the Final Station 'cuz I have all the acknowledged good titles in this … Would have been great if it was with a bundle with tiers and TFS was in the first one :smiley:



Thanks for sharing your opinion of these games, to which you are entirely entitled.


Yo hey

did somebody else play Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor and would have any kind of insight to share about it?

I know I’m being the weird one again but it’s like one of the very few games I actually want just because I think she looks adorable.

So yeah, #priorities.

BTW, I have a reasonable amount of hours and achievements on Party Hard and I recommend it! I never got around to finishing the campaign, though, because eventually it becomes too much of the same thing and a few cool characters that could be used to revamp the gameplay can be annoying to unlock depending on your play style.

Overall I’d say it’s a fun game for a few laughs, the custom level thing with workshop integration, really awesome art style, and level randomization. Downside is that some levels are considerably better designed and more fun than others, and when you get kinda tired of it you may find yourself refreshing the poorer levels until you get some random items that can help you beat them more quickly.

EDIT: oh yeah, also, campaign has the usual “unlock dis before playing dat” mechanic so you may be stuck on the last level before the level you can unlock a certain character in, but you can’t beat it because chance/luck/randomization/weak character and so you spend 40 minutes in a 10 minutes level… and then a five or so levels later you beat a supposedly much harder level in 2 minutes on your first try for who knows what reason I don’t design video games so don’t ask me.

PS: I’m also much more of a casual gamer than anything else, but I reached that point where I knew enough about this particular game to know that the reason I was failing a level wasn’t just my own skill level but one too many annoying coincidences piling up against me. If you like that kind of challenge, though, it’s fun! Just don’t play it for too long or you’ll want to bring the game to live on your neighbor’s backyard.

As for Lonely Planet, I don’t have that many hours logged or things to say about it because I bought it ages ago and I didn’t care for logging hours back then. So my memory is a little fogged, but for what it’s worth, even though I simply don’t play FPS, I remember having fun with it. I also remember how good the level design was, and how it allowed for me to think outside of the box and find other ways of beating levels after that initial “oh darn I just got headshotted again” upon turning a corner. Beware, though, it has loads of timing and jumping involved, if that wasn’t clear already. :slight_smile:


just to point out, albeit this argument is kind of pointless, 7 out of the 12 games you listed had negative comments/reviews on them. I would say that’s most.

(I did say “all”, however, seeing the 7/12, “most” seems more appropriate.)


Am sorry, that part of the reply was directed at everybody but you :sweat_smile:

I really am surprised how popular these lame posts still are, no offense intended

Same, it’s generally one of my fav publishers even if am not actively hunting their games down, I always end up wt them :grin:

That’s one seriously shitty (pun not intended) quote

Welcome back from the dark(bright?) side @coralinecastell coralinecastell :slight_smile:


4 (max 5) out of 12 tho…and that’s just coming down from personal taste, idk why you care so much about my opinion

The Final Station +
Lovely Planet +
Phantom Trigger +
Not Time To Explain +
Fearless Fantasy +

Mr Shifty ± (just not my taste)
Speed Runner ± (boring cause I played it alone)

Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor ± (almost walking Sim, not my kinda game either)

Punch Club -
Party Hard -
Community Inc -
Party Hard Tycoon -


None taken. In fact I agree with you (I’ve been spending too much time getting annoyed at some of the “reviews” on Goodreads). However, I felt it was the best way to express my sentiments…writing “Looks on in amusement, waiting for further guffaws” doesn’t work as well in practice.

However, I’m totally onboard with your comments. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and they’re informative regardless of any personal foibles involved. I appreciate any and all input I can get on a game. Most recently, Fraggles liked Xenonauts and CptMold didn’t…both valid opinions.

I say keep on expressing your sentiments towards games…I for one enjoy reading what people feel about them and the experiences they’ve had.

(NOTE - I stilll REALLY want to post a Supa Hot Fire gif at some more appropriate point…)


Yo dude do you have anything for trade? I could give you a key for the last station :slight_smile:


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I love your taste in music, @delenn13, especially since I would never listen to these amazing tracks were it not for you! I’m always pleasantly surprised at both how good and how apt they are. Had never heard this one!

Here’s a classic for you, in the name of hijacking, friendship, and how wonderful Chrono is because of people like you:

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@coralinecastell, This is one of my favorite songs, such a joyful, peaceful, and happy song. Melody and words melt together, his ukulele and voice are just so soothing for the soul. :slight_smile:



The song is by the Lovin’ Spoonful. Songs of my childhood. It was the theme song of a popular TV show back in 1970. If you notice in the left hand corner, That’s John Travolta…

Here is another song from 1965…one of their most famous songs…


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