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Fanatical Steam Anime RPG Flash Sale! It changes EVERY 2 HOURS!


I can’t believe no one has posted this yet!..Plus it has a CA 49 cent deal on Garfield Kart with coupon MAY10. Now, no one has any excuse not to have this game, @KingJamezJr.

The biggest Steam Anime RPGs. Unmissable 48-hour deals!

Probably should have started a new thread…Oh well…

Here’s the URL:


Tabletop Sim for 8.45€ is a pretty decent deal with 19h remaining on it.


there is a minimum spend on that MAY10 discount tho, so don’t think you can apply it on garfield kart alone :thinking:
after 1 purchase you should get a 15% discount code for next purchase too instead tho (as long as you didn’t buy a bundle apparently)


Got it, why not at that price.


Yes, I’ve seen and hurt over the fantastic DMC bundle I should NOT buy, lol. Mein heart.




I should have known that. Thanks, @Gnuffi, for posting the info :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Only 2???


trust me i tried to buy 10 but even after making new accounts and using a vpn i was not able to


@delenn13 Apparently this is going on now. Not sure if anyone is interested. One of the games is on @AHMEDJXZ’s wishlist though.

Maybe we can update the thread title? It’s a 48 hour sale.


Yeah, i wasn’t sure if start a new one or not. T_T


ohh that sounds nice but I made sure to not get any more games until I play at least half of the ones I got which would be around 500 games lol… that’s why my wishlist is only getting bigger around 200 games I think…

Still bought around 3 games this last steam sale ;w; I’m more of a collector than a gamer now :joy: