Fanatical Star Deal: Persona 4 Golden - Digital Deluxe Edition $14.62 (42% off)

The regular version of Persona 4 Golden is also on sale for $13.19 (34% off).

It’s standing right in your view
And you feel like you’re in its too
One day it showed up in front of you
How strange that you should notice this deal now
The deal you thought that was gone
Distant memory of a sale done
It’s back in store and has two bonuses
Has something changed?
It’s a cheaper deal you’d find hard to deny

But now
It’s here again
So let this be your…

Next Chance to Buy Now

Original Lyrics: Next Chance to Move On (Persona 4 The Golden Animation - Opening Theme)

The two bonuses that come with the Digital Deluxe version are:

  • Digital Artbook (18 pages)
  • Digital Soundtrack (9 tracks, 160Kbps)

If you find the terrible compression and lack of more tracks rather off-putting, just buy the regular version of the game instead.

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