Fanatical Simulator Bundle

If you are left handed , WASD… well, WAD works fine when you are in game. I played a long time on my keyboard using left, right and space. And good luck! It’s a game of attrition, I made it past level 1 after about 100 tries… maybe even more…

I wonder why, I usually use a XB360 controller, works fine, I also have a Steam controller that works okay with the game too…


Thank you!! Using two hands makes this a lot better! The tutorial didn’t say anything about the space bar; it said up or A. The moment I introduced the space bar into my arsenal, I got a new high score, and every run I seem to do better. I’m having fun now. :relieved:

That makes me feel a lot better about this. After about 20 times of rapid “Level One. Begin. Game over.” I thought, holy crap I’m really terrible! Persevere! :persevere:

I’m using a PlayStation controller. Not my first choice, but all my Xbox controllers are wireless. I have five of them. I should find someone to trade my extra for a wired one.

(I’m sorry I’ve made your Simulator Bundle topic about the Indie Heroes 2 Bundle. At least it’s still Fanatical, so we’re not too derailed.)

edit: I just made it to level 2! :sunglasses:


Topic derailment is a Chrono specialty, in fact, rule of thumb. :+1: No worries at all! I am really glad you are enjoying this game!

I have more than 3000 runs in this game, you can see in the stats page:

See how my average run time is only 11 seconds? It is definitely a game of attrition. But so addictive!


48 runs before I got to level 2.

My average run is 5 seconds. :laughing:

I’m already addicted.


By the way, there’s a small known bug in there, sometimes the game doesn’t pick up about 2-3 cubes in a row… you will know when you see it… completely messes up the run… Which fortunately, is only a few seconds… :rofl:

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