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Fanatical Reaper Bundle


I rather enjoyed Back to Bed, but I’m a sucker for forced perspective.


I def wanna try Immortal Redneck, it looks a lot like Ziggurat.
Unfortunately Hover looks like the kind of game that will literally give me a headache with all those quirky colours…anyway gon give both a shot once they get cheaper (lol I just spent 30€ on 2 AAA titles, I’m basically broke for the rest of the year :joy:


Stop the madness! No more bundles!

Bye bye, Paypal balance.:roll_eyes:


Ha ha! I know! Looked through some of my group buys and blinked “Why did I get this one again?”. Granted my memory can be pretty Swiss cheese, but if something attracted you enough to toss coins at it, you should at least remember that, right?

Think even if you want a game a lot, buying it as 1 within a bundle of oddness isn’t really worth it. They are some like Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth, that aren’t bundled often, but even then there’s usually nothing else in the list I like. I’ve resisted the temptation, lol. Besides, I really need to get yarn and thread, lol! :slight_smile: Though, true hoarder that I are, I caved and got a 5-D diamond painting kit. When will the madness end? O_o


If you ever feel like it, please share some art with us? I’m sure @Inferry would also enjoy it. back me up bro



Well, it’s flying or sailing down from China. Around here, that’s a 2-month wait. Do you or your friend have any art to share with me meantime? :slight_smile:


Hm I’ll think of something! Have been playing too much violin and drawing too little lately. But if I draw something I’ll share with you! :blush:


No, less competition…
Ahem, but seriously now, go ahead pal, show us what you got :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think I’ve shown these before, not the other tree at least


Aw… mega adorable! :slight_smile:


dang, i can only give 1 like, but let’s just say it counts x4, one for each bear :blush: