Fanatical Platinum--Build Your Own, November 2020


This looks like a nice collection and decently priced for people who want a number of the games this time around.


I think i have about 90% of these…will have to go through them later…

Thanks, @YQMaoski :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Oh look at that you can get Dirt Rally 2.0 GOTY edition for $10/3, I think everyone should get in on that.
Too bad you can’t pick 3 of the same title and share the bundle.


nice bundle, too bad the only 1 I’d want/still need of these would be Streets of Rogue


Going to think about this just for Dirt Rally 2 . Not a bad deal all in all.


If you can get me Streets of Rogue, I can buy you something on Steam in return.


@M00 and @DontBeSilly, check your PMs… :wink: :gift:


this guy…


No,you dont be silly!.. You are too kind :wink: much appreciated.


I’m going rogue


I’m going to pick this one up for Streets of Rogue and Guacameele 2, is there anyone who wants any of the other games available? I would of course strongly recommend Dirt rally 2, but I’m not going to insist on it.


I’ll take it as I wanna play it at some point (don’t currently have the hardware to run it).

That’s okay…


I’m pretty interested in Creature in the well and Kunai (and Grip looks interesting maybe any thoughts on this one from someone that played it?)
I do have a buttload of keys so maybe I can trade you some of those :slight_smile: