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Fanatical Pick & Mix Adventure Games


A few interesting titles in there (e.g. RiME, Dex, Supreme League of Patriots)

5 games are just 2.15€


I can personally recommend Dex, it’s a pretty great 2D deus ex like affair. Cyberia 1 and 2 are two very interesting and peculiar point and click adventure games that I rather enjoyed.

Your link is in german, might want to change it to the international one by removing the /de part of it.


lol my bad, changed it haha


I’m peeking at the Still Life games and others, Fanatical is pulling out the stops lately. The Bento and Redemption Bundles are full of shinies.


Yeah…just bought Bento2 & DEAD OR SCHOOL. Damn you, FANATICAL! :wink:


From playing around with trades and people’s wishlists, I keep seeing Dead or School everywhere… Must look and see what the appeal is… Know nothing about it.


Syberia was free on and Syberia 2 on Origin few years ago. Rime was free on Epic games not long time ago.
The only game Im interested to play is Distrust but it makes no sense to me to buy next 4 games just to get 1 I really want.

Even if I dont like puzzle games, Rime is still a wonderfull game. Atmospheric, making good feelings and having great soundtracks.
Guys. If you didnt catch it on EPIC, I recommend it to you.