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Fanatical Pick-and-Mix (1 for $1.00, 5 for $2.99, and 10 for $4.99)


Hello everybody, was hoping some of you could inform me on some hidden gems in this or any other information that you have from experience playing.


Titles I recognize:

Caveblazers is the only one I’ve played myself and it’s a pretty decent little roguelite platformer.

Eagle Island is a game I’ve heard some good stuff about, looks interesting and one I might pick up for myself here.

Pathologic is… weird but in a good way? maybe? It’s surreal and miserable, I’d recommend watching Mandalore’s review of it, at least part of it. I think there’s a spoiler warning at some point.

Detention highly recommended if you’re into weird psychological horror sort of stuff. Highly recommended to stay away from if you’re not.


Mable and the Wood was once free on GoG, so if you want to grab it, check there first. You might’ve got it already


Awesome, this helps! Definitely into the weird psychological horror stuff so it’ll be a pick for sure haha.


Don’t use GoG, but I appreciate the heads up! Will be good for others to know.


Not checked the bundle out yet but easily spotted Use Your Words. Firm family gathering favourite. At least as good as the better Jack games.


I got 10 games that were on my Wl but for one. Thanks for the recommendation I got from @Seaburn… the word game which wasn’t on my WL…

This is all I got…

ATV Drift & Tricks
Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures
Bridge Constructor Medieval
Castaway Paradise - Town Building Sim
Eagle Island
Lucius III
Mable & The Wood
Pathologic Classic HD
Use Your Words

If you get Castaway, make sure you get ALL 8 of the FREE DLC that comes with it.

OOPS…Forgot…Thanks @agusnavarro for the post :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Well doesnt look too appealing to me.

Only game from this selection i have played and rather liked was Bridge Construction Medieval. So that for 1$ i can easily recommend. Rest ,at least from a quick glance , looks really meh.


Yah, that’s the only one that caught my eye really. Reminded me that Poly Bridge exists. ^^


That’s pretty awesome that you found a bunch of games from your WL in this bundle deal. Glad I brought it to your attention. :grinning:


Of the two dozen, I’ve only played the two AVGN games.

Both are ridiculously hard, but are good games, though the story content is mostly reserved inside jokes that some may not get unless they’ve watched a lot of the AVGN series, and a good portion of Cinemassacre shows in general.