Fanatical Mega Bundle



WTG Fanatical. I have ALL but 4.:cry:

Thanks @Luxen :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


i’ve got this bundle, and have like 6 spares i think? :thinking:

Lichdom Battlemage
Sir You are being Haunted
Postal 2
Gem Craft
Signal of Tolva

so just let me know of someone wants one of these leftovers all out


Well, I would appreciate Gemcraft is there’s no problem, also f*ck i bought The keep few weeks ago


Yeah. I have a few but actually not Tolva etc. What are ye missing @delenn13 ?

Checked and I have:

World’s Dawn
Rise of Insanity
The Light Keeps Us safe
Codex of Victory

So… hm… 6 out of 20 isn’t an awful thing at $2.99


Can I have Postal 2?


I have all except Signal of Tolva

does it still work? :grinning:


Thank you very much for Postal 2 @Gnuffi, really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:


@Gnuffi thank you :hugs:




Not enough to worry about. I have all the good ones.


May I have Lichdom Battlemage?


Those 3 are all on my steam wishlist, but mostly I’d like Sir You are being Hunted (not Haunted?). :nerd_face:


Thank you very much @Gnuffi :sparkles::zap::sparkles:


Thank you very much @Gnuffi :+1:




Might get this hmm
Probs I have one or two already
I know I have world’s dawn lol

Also are there any games in here anyone would particularly recommend