Fanatical Guardians Bundle

As usual, I only share bundles I jump on myself, and several of the tier 2 games caught my eye…


Cute. Just would nuzz guards really. The other stuff, I’d have to research.


So yeah, it looks split worthy now, lol

Tier 2
Guards of the Gate - hex-grid. :heart:
Odyssey - nice adventure style game with really nice narration.
Jet Set Knights - so pretty. Fun looking platformer

Tier 1

Likely every buyer will want those, ha ha. Still, pretty nicely put together bundle.

Edit: I be happy with just both Guard games in a split, btw. :smile:


One title in particular caught my eye, Attack of the Earthlings for 3.85€ with a bunch of other stuff. Compared to the last deal I saw for it somewhere recently at $7.50

Otherwise these are mostly games I’ve never really heard of and so wouldn’t really give a 2nd glance for a bundle. Care to tell me which ones here are of interest and why?


As you already pointed out: Attack of the Earthlings.

Guards: Looks like a decent mobile-esque title, a good way to spend a few minutes here and there.

I am a sucker for most Shoot-em up games, so I will bite on a bundle often if it looks any good, in this case, Rym 9000 with a more retro-look and ALLTYNEX Second with a more modern look. (Okay, I don’t bite on all bundles that have Shoot-em ups, but both of these are rated pretty well, so I wanted to look at them in detail–at some point, unsure when.)

Odyssey: Myst-like in appearance, it’s more of a wish to reenter that same type of magical realm that Myst brought to me so many years ago. Although I am not sure if it’s for nostalgia or what. I did purchase realMyst from Steam already.

Jet Set Knights: same as the shoot-em up thought, anything that looks like a decent action platformer gets me a little jumpy on the buying itch…

Guards of the Gate: I can’t say much about, I have it already, but haven’t played it yet.

Gunman Tales I had followed before it released on Steam, for some reason lost track of it, and so I am happy to try it out now it’s in a bundle.

But mainly, I only had two games from here: Asura and Guards of the Gate, and the rest all look like games that I would not mind plopping down an hour or two to play at one point or another, so for me it was my usual habit of stashing things away just in case I want to dig into one of them at any point. It’s a terrible habit, and buying games and finding bundles is a game in its own. Terribly expensive at times, but that’s just personal choices I guess…