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Fanatical Flash Sale...One of the Games is..Tabletop Simulator


Fanatical is having their Flash sale. Less than 48 hours. Don’t forget to use your FANATICAL10 coupon to save an extra 10% off your order. And some of you may have a 12% coupon if you have bought any thing recently from them.

I am really ONLY mentioning this because… Tabletop Simulator is on sale …55% off Plus your 10 or 12 % off…
Runs on ALL systems…Windows Mac OS X SteamOS + Linux


I’d like to recommend everyone pick up tabletop sim at this great price. So far we have not used it much but it is really a brilliant tool and I’d love to have more people with it as an option.


Sadly Fanatical doesn’t have regional pricing for Brazil but thanks for the head’s up to all others interested, @delenn13 dear! :blush:


I’m thinking about it… not sure how many of our peeps actually own it yet.


The answer is 6.


I have 27 friends that have it…Edited. 5 are not Chronies…

I have it and never played. Does EVERYONE need the game???


If you like tabletop games, board games, card games or pencil & paper RPG’s, AND you have friends who are far away and can’t play IRL, I would say yes (obviously everyone who is joining over the internet needs to own a copy of the game, but I think it also has couch co-op if people are split into groups).

If you are asking about stuff like their DLC games, only the host needs to own DLC to run a game.


I was told today that this thing has a mega ton of DLCs - wondering about that now myself. I like board games, but idk. We’ve got Orange Juice, Love Letter and the Mahjong so far. Only thing we don’t current do is chess and even that we might find online free. :sunny:


The DLC available are licensed and well crafted full games based on existing board games. They are not extra features or content locked away.

Tabletop simulator is a tool not a game. It’s a 3D environment and physics engine that you can use to play almost an unlimited number of games. From simple things like just playing any card game you care to play using any ordinary simple deck of cards to almost any board game you’d care to create the assets for. The steam workshop has tens of thousands of already created assets and tools to use either as complete and full games themselves or as parts for you to make your own.


I went to the workshop and they got in “Most Subscribed”… Clue, Ono, Game of Life and Risk…Connect 4, Fallout Monopoly, Settlers of Catan.

WOW!!! All free…from what I can see…Now most of these games I already own…but Fallout Monopoly…LOL You don’t need the paid DLC with ALL that!!!

Edited: No pressure but you got Just over 15 hours LEFT :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


I’m in… I really want to play with something like this for years now - only got to make sure it’s potato friendly.

Btw, even though I call the compy that, I don’t mean it cruelly. I luvvles potatoes in all forms. Delicious. :heart:


Guys guys guys and girls. As an email subscriber to Fanatical I just received a 20% off coupon that works on bundles too.
If you are planning to buy something on Fanatical, consider subscribing to email delivery from fanatical.


My dude. I get emails from Fanatical and have not seen such a coupon. Is there some other kind of email service I missed?


The coupon e-mail service.


Thanks, ended up getting a copy. Looks like a fun time!


I got a copy too - the Workshop bit looks interesting. Seems like there’s an amazing amount of games people made too. No wonder it’s never too far below 50% off.

Now to see if I can figure it out, ha ha.


Yeah it’s a bit of a tricky beast to work with at times. There’s so much you can do with it that it some times gets hard to figure out how to do what you want to do.

But we’ll try to play something fairly simple first to give everyone a chance to figure the environment out.


Picked up a copy too. Would be down for some board games some time