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Fanatical Chose Your Mystery genre


If the mystery bundle things are your thing then today your lucky day.


Oooh intruiging. But ultimately I regret to say I am going to have to pass.


I don’t regret crap so I just wanna say Fanatical can go drown in a pit fire with these ludicrous mystery bundles



Putting them in genres is fine and dandy, but any bet it’s just mostly leftovers from older bundles again.


I think that they need to do a mystery bundle where you can see the games you will get and you send them mystery amount of money.


LOL. Kinda like pay what you want on Humble?


Lol! I love the idea! I’ll be using this when developers try to explain why surprise mechanics are good. Heh heh heh.

Maybe I’ll buy it with $1? Maybe with $0.10? You’ll never know with my surprise purchases!


From the reddit listings, it’s pretty much as I thought - leftover keys dump. Best things in there:

. Graveyard Keeper
. Niffleheim
. Middle Earth Shadow of War
. Esoterica Hollow Earth

Apparently you might end up with a lot of HOG games in the “Adventure” bundle. There also some tiny games in the RPG bundle like Destiny Warriors RPG. All in all, you do it for fun, but chances of getting something you don’t already own from another of their bundles are pretty slim.


When you almost have 3,000 games, the chances of getting games you don’t have is pretty low. :roll_eyes: So I don’t bother with them.