Fanatical Build your own Anime Bundle
This bundle has a random assortment of anime-style games of different genres, such as RPGs, 2D fighters, visual novels, and more. There’s bound to be something for everyone, but that might make it hard to reach the 3 and 5 games deals if you’re looking to buy them for yourself.

Here’s a couple of tidbits for some of them:

Tokyo Xanadu eX+

Often goes for around $10-12 nowadays. Seems the all-time lowest price (according to ITAD) was $8.25 on Fanatical two years ago, so this is currently the cheapest way to get the base game. It was in a bundle that included all of its DLC about 4 months ago for $17.84.

Little Dragons Cafe

You manage a restaurant with your sister and take care of a dragon in hopes that you can eventually cure your mother. It seems to look and perform better on PC than on consoles. The game is overpriced for what it is and this is the cheapest way to get it anywhere; physical/digital console prices are often around $17.99-38.99, ouch.

Alternate Jake Hunter: DAEDALUS The Awakening of Golden Jazz

A spin-off of the Jake Hunter visual novel series. The game seems to take 7 hours to complete, so people usually recommend to purchase it only when it’s on sale. Average sale price is usually $4.79-4.80 (even on Nintendo Switch), with the lowest price shown on ITAD being $4.56 from GreenManGaming.

Richman 10

If you’ve played either Monopoly or Fortune Street (JP: Itadaki Street, EU: Boom Street), then this game seems to be similar to that. Not sure if it has a unique spin on the formula or not (the generic cutesy characters make me think otherwise), but the store description for the game is Engrish and it gave me a headache.

Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition

It’s been bundled before, so there’s a chance you probably already have it.


This is the 1st version of Under Night, though technically the 2nd if we’re counting the original arcade release (but let’s not make things any more confusing for new players than they already are). It’s already had two revisions: Late[st] and Late[cl-r], the latter being the latest revision available. If you get this version you’re going to miss out on a lot of content that was added later (ie. new game modes, new characters, more story, in-depth tutorials, etc). Also, there’s no option to upgrade to any of the latter two revisions. You’re better off buying Late[cl-r] when it goes on sale, seeing as it replaced Late[st].

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code

A popular fighting game that hasn’t had a sequel in years and was finally localized a few years back, brought to you by the creator of the Fate/Stay series (aka Unlimited Money Works, because that series just keeps getting bigger with no end in sight). Originally a visual novel called Tsukihime (which is finally getting a remake, Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon), this is a sequel to the true ending of the first fighting game: Melty Blood. Nero will always be my favorite character (he needs more fanart).

Average price during sales is around $3.54, according to ITAD. If you have Humble Choice, you can use your additional 20% off to get it for $2.99 before the sale ends in less than 21 hours.


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no tentacle futanari


EDIT: what the fuck is this!?!


Tell me not a single person in your company speaks a word of English, without telling me “not a single person in our company speaks a word of English”.

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code


Dang… they’ve been hacking my WL. White Day, Death Mark :heart: for the premise, so very damn spooky! ^^ Tokyo Xanadu too. Nuts. Bet Dragons Cafe is cute too. Nice bundle Fanatical… wish I could throw money at it, lol.


Yeah every time I see that Game title (about 3-4 times already) I laugh my ass off because it’s just that bad


Dang. You’re really in the lingo. I barely found that meme today.

Oh…and I think that might be the Korean bathroom ghost. They are normally girls that haunt a toilet, a stall, or the whole bathroom. Weird that she’s upside down since they tend to peek over the top. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can personally recommend Tokyo Xanadu ex+ it’s kind of persona-esque sort of JRPG though it doesn’t do the actual persona part as well as persona does. It does do combat a lot better though as it’s not your usual turn based menu fighter but a pretty decent 3rd person action brawler. While it does everything competently it however does nothing excellently, everything just kind of works but you can always tell things could be better.

The story is your usual anime over the top affair which keeps going one more level beyond ridiculous ever time you thought it was done escalating. It’s a long game, I put 101h into it and I would have to admit that around hour 70 it was already starting to drag on a little, but I am glad I finished it.

The DLCs are utterly pointless so don’t worry about those. First one is simply alternative outfits for your party, though they’re pretty nice outfits it’s entirely unnecessary. The other two are basically cheats that gives you a limited selection of high powered heal items, which I don’t think were even useful to me as the game never really gets particularly hard.


Get Ara Fell guys. I promise you, it is worth it. Some indie games are so amazing but they are passed by because they were made by 1 or 5 people and on a RPG Maker software.