Fanatical $1 Mystic Bundle

I like casual games from time to time. There’s a little bundle here just for that!



Every once in a while I’d have a slot of time availble, like finishing work early or something, and ends up feeling like a waste because I want to play something but nothing fits the mood and I’d open a game and change to other one every 5 minutes until one sticks :confused:

So I’m checking the games, thanks ^^


@Rilover I used to spend more time than I like to admit on It’s not as fun without the subscription but I’d rather spend my money on a good subscription or games I’d play more frequently. … don’t get me started on how much I drain my phone battery playing mobile casual games :laughing:

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I look through them and omg I’m so into it I can already tell my plan to have them stocked up and ready for an emergency is utter bs.

There’s a couple Match 3 that I’m not really into, Silver Tale and Robin’s island adventure (This last one is also a hidden objects one)

so they’re up for grabs.

And one weird Farmington Tales (Farming simulator/ Hidden objects)

Sorry but you’ll need to google them (Surprise edit: The links work :sunny:) I don’t know how to link this right
( Me from the future part 2: You do ma boi, you’re doing great :tada: )

So if anybody wants them (I mean… treat yourself :face_with_monocle: if you are into this @Culdra1600 I won’t be redeeming those anytime soon).

Just ask and I’ll send the keys anybody.


@Rilover Appreciated, but I already bought and redeemed the whole thing.

And you did great! I have no clue how to make the links work like that… hence why I don’t do it.

Can i get a tutorial up in here someone!?

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You just paste the link!

The thing with the steam ones is that the’ve been playing up, and while I was writting It wasn’t working for my end (They wouldn’t load) but once posted It was fine ^^

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@onLooSe has worked out through trial and error that it works fine when there is no discount on the product but if there is a discount sometimes the link borks until the discount is removed and then the link unborks. We thought there was a problem with the link so we remove the name part but it’s fine to post with the name included.

Both currently on special and both work so…win?