Fan Made Return of the Tentacle Prologue Free

It’s a download…NOT Steam…Sounds like something @coralinecastell will enjoy…“Monkey Island”/Lucasarts adventure fans !

"Return of the Tentacle Prologue is an unofficial sequel to one of Lucasarts’ most acclaimed adventure games of all time Day of the Tentacle (which itself was heavily inspired by Maniac Mansion).

Return of the Tentacle is a cross-platform game that has been released for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Downloads are provided on the official project website and interested gamers can even download the game soundtrack as well from the site."
This is how I found out about it:

Here’s the download:


Woah this is


Thanks for mentioning me on this, @delenn13! Was a pleasant surprise.

You know me well. :blush:


So I done good???:tada:

The game downloads are at the bottom but the soundtracks are at the top. Don’t miss them!:smiley:


I’m assuming this is an episodic content model? (due to the word prologue).

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I don’t know…

“Note that only the prologue is available right now. The developers plan to release updates in the future.”

Updates= Episodes? :thinking: