Fallout 3 vs new vegas


^this, so much this, the dlc’s are gonna make it much more pricey
“always” buy the GOTY, same goes for NV, they’ aren’t greatly discounted anymore, but the GOTYs are still cheaper than buying the base game and missing the dlc
like @kovec said i agree, refund if you can, and get the goty instead
(and if you are past 2 hours try put a note in your refund text that you bought the wrong copy and meant to buy the more expensive one, that might help sway their minds)


I love, love, loved Skyrim (214 hours on record) and so thought that I’d love Fallout 3 too. Boy was that a bad call…it did very little for me, with a drab, boring world which blocked your progress, a dull story that messed up if you accidentally stumbled upon triggers early, and a terrible subway system. From what I’ve read New Vegas should redeem this a little though and I’m still yet to play it. Personally I’d recommend that you refund 3, finish Skyrim, with any luck Enderal will be out by then so you can play that too and during that period of time Fallout 3 or New Vegas GOTY/Definitive versions should go on sale at some point…they’re fairly regularly discounted.


Gonna necro this because I intended to reply the second it was posted but never did.

I bet it has already been established that critics and roleplay connoisseurs absolutely love New Vegas over Fallout 3, because it has better writing, more talking and all that jazz, but I personally think both games are great. I usually don’t care much for dialogue, random books with lore or how many replies I can choose from in any conversation. What I’m interested in is how interesting the world is and if I’ll find something if I decide to walk into any cardinal direction and I think both games provide just that. The National Guard Depot in Fallout 3 was amazing to explore and hunting for the different power armors and other exotic weapons in New Vegas was probably my favorite thing to do even over the storyline. The DLC for Fallout 3 were incredible, too!

Either game will give loads of hours of quality time. Go for either one and you’ll have a blast.