Faerie Solitaire Harvest Giveaway- Closed !!!!!

I woke up to a wonderful surprise this morning .:heart_eyes: I got 2 keys(One to giveaway to a friend) from the dev of Subsoap, @Pkeod. I follow him from Steam since I have his first game back in 2010. And 25 of my friends have it too.

He went on to release a “Remastered” version which he gave free to those who had the original game.

He went on to make Faerie Solitaire Harvest and he’s working on a new game which I have on Itch.io. It hasn’t been released on Steam Yet.

I like Solitaire games as I can leave them in a single moment and then come back to them. Since they are talking NEXT January for Mr Delenn to be healed, I play a lot of them recently…Plus the HOGs. So I am sure I will play this one …:heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck:

So I am offering the extra key I have to one of you. The game is on sale right now…34% off and the sale ends August 19th. My giveaway will end August 18th at 9AM EST(which is 3 hours before the Daily Deal) so if you don’t win, you can take advantage of the sale and get it. Plus I have a family pool party to go to at noon so I will be gone most the day.

It runs…Windows Mac OS X SteamOS + Linux


  1. Have to be a forum member for 1 WEEK!

  2. Need 8 badges.

  3. Write about a game or type of game you play when you have a little time to play or you know you are going to get interrupted. What game do you always go back to when you have a few minutes? What game is your favourite “time waster”?

I will notify you; then, once you reply, I will send you the key.You will have 24 hours to reply.
Hopefully I didn’t forget anything. If I did(and I probably did), I reserve the right to change things.

Discobot will decide the winner.

Good luck to all and I hope to learn about some cool games…:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

I am amazed @yoshirules doesn’t all ready have this. She really loves card games.:open_mouth::astonished:


This isn’t one of your “run of the mill” Solitaire games. It involves a lot of strategy plus you find eggs that hatch into pets.

“After your pet(s) has hatched, it will need to earn experience 'til it reaches the stage where it can evolve. EXP is not enough, though, and that’s where the resources come in! Each pet requires a different amount of magic, stone, wood and gold in order to evolve.”

Here is a great review…


My main type of games are turn-based JRPGs, and they are great for when you don’t have a lot of time they can be played for a bit and put down, many(like strategy or tactical RPGs) even have built in mid battle saves making it easier to put them away for longer periods. I also tend more towards playing them on portable consoles that can be put into sleep mode (DS, 3DS, PSP, Switch) Which means not only can I stop playing them when I have to deal with other stuff but I can take them with me wherever.

My favorite time waster? Lately I have been playing Hanafuda, a Japanese card game, on Steam. The games can go pretty quick but require a bit of thought too.


looks like something I could enjoy playing when i just need to relax

my favorite time waster is Rocket League and games only last 5 min; in case i need to be able to grab jobs quickly as they appear or might be interrupted i just play casual instead of competitive


I will not be joining this giveaway, but thanks for the giveaway @delenn13! Glad to hear that Mr.Delenn will be healed up soon!


I would love to enter!

(Sucks thar Mr Delenn will take so long to heal. I hope it goes by fast with all these games :wink: )

So because I am constantly busy with work, a degree, getting my license, a social life, and just exploring, I don’t get a lot of time to play games anymore. I love RPGs but I need hours available for those.

So I often end up playing casual games like solitaire, mahjong, plants vs zombies, HOGs or just puzzle games.

I go through flavours of the week on these and switch between webtoons, games and something creative.
Oh, and avenging acorns of course. That’s like the main activity xD


Wait wait wait! Pets! leaps into action!

So when I have some time to “waste”, also known as “rest brain or hands from crocheting”, I love puzzle games: Zenge, Alice’s Patchworks 2, Glass Masquerade and just started having fun with Hell Girls. Lately, there’s also Castle Secrets - between Day and Night. I like ‘fighting’ the monsters, lol. I have more of a go-to cache than just one game, which wins out depends on mood.

Used to play a lot of Solitaire or Free Cell, but they weren’t very engaging after a while of playing. Plants vs Zombies, Tower Defense is also a bit of fun. If I had room to layout them out, I set my jigsaw puzzles out and do a bit of time to relax when I’m stressed or confundled in a project.

Edit: @AcornAvenger We have some game likes in common! ^^ As for your main activity, just please look away, while I’m nibbling. Squirrels need to eat too, right?. :sunny:


This sounds like alot of fun! I’ve been playing solitaire a lot recently so this seems like a cool twist. I’ll enter!!

I like playing Pokemon Go and DBZ Dokkan Battle. I know they’re both Mobile games, but I find them much better for when I only have a few minutes. I also enjoy overwatch for when I have a little longer, but I need to be careful cause the matches are like potato chips, just gotta play one more…


Yasss someone with some refined taste :relieved:

That’s okay. I nibble too. On meat. But I’m not saying what kind… :eyes:

Just don’t eat too many acorns…


Gonna kinda cheat as I don’t have a favorite game maybe… lol

Mostly the Need for Speed franchise. I enjoy driving fast… both in games and in real life but that’s a story for another topic…
In Need for Speed I can just roam the streets until the time comes to stop playing… Can always customize my car or even do some short races to kill the time.

Sandbox, MMORPG or even just RPG games do the trick. The never ending fun with lotta quests and open world to explore… Games like GTA V, AioN (but stopped playing it), Darksiders franchise, The witcher franchise, Deadspace franchise… And many more in the same genres.

But sometimes it’s FPS games which takes all of my time…
Battlefield franchise, CSGO, and all the likes of them…


This look like alot of fun. My time waster is idle skilller.


I would like to enter your this game, thank you for the giveaway!

I don’t play many clicker games but my time waster game is ‘Kittens Game’.

Good luck to all other entrants!


My first thought was Kitten Cannon.
I must be a horrible person :rofl:

PS not entering.



Is it something like this:

or this:

Mweeheehee! ^^


Phew I didn’t even see this giveaway until now :open_mouth:

I’d like to enter thank you very much and my usual go to timewasters are Minion Masters and on mobile Nonograms, Solitaire and Warpods.


Less than 12 hours before this giveaway ends :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Closed for drawing :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Winner has been notified. I played a bit last night. Found an egg. and I cleared the board 3 times with out playing a card. Man, you GOT to pay attention :star_struck:

The dev has offered me more keys so I will be offering more of his games later on. The sale for Faerie Solitaire Harvest Giveaway ends tomorrow.

Thanks for all the suggestions for time wasters. I Learned about a few games.

Until next time… Keep on gaming :hugs::hugs::hugs:


I woke up this morn and found out the dev sent me a key to his latest game in EA.

I know what I will be doing tonight if I have the time…:heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck: