So I stumbled across today’s deal (A Place for the Unwilling) and checked, as I so often do, the four categories underneath. One thing fascinated me: The game boasts “facinating characters”.

I was wondering whether this was young-people slang for “face-alternating characters” (aka changelings) or maybe it implied that the characters have to (and will) face alienating decisions by the player?

Not so! After some more digging into this “facinating” matter it hit me: It was a clever homage to chrono.gg’s copywriter Alex. His twitter handle? @FacianeA

Mystery solved!

P.S.: Some may have accepted this for a mere typo, but these are the same people who accept rain as drops of water that form in clouds after sufficient saturation instead of the obvious tears of angels.


Well Alex’s last name is Faciane so maybe, honestly even when reading this I didn’t realise the spelling mistake for a while.


They don’t want you to realise it. That’s the beauty of it all. :wink:

Honestly, I wish I could not notice such things. But they do tend to stare me in the face, roar at me and then slap me silly if I still try to ignore them.