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[Extended] Ryza Roads FREE for a limited time at



I just want to let you people know about this open world game made by a fellow Brazilian. Go get it while it’s free!

EDIT: It’s also now free at Microsoft Store for 20 hours.

EDIT 2: Some cheat codes I’ve found in a reddit thread:

time machine: adds a slider allowing the game’s speed to be changed

d i n e r o: adds 10000$

ramp: adds a couple of ramps to the city area

EDIT 3: Sale has been extended for 2 more days 24 hours 5 days again and 20 in Microsoft Store! You’ve got another chance to get it! Sale finally ended. Extended again for 2 days 5 days!


Aw…how cute! Thanks for the share!


It looks good! Thatnks for sharing!


Thanks. I got it! :+1:


@Danacscott @FacuBlues @markwr You’re welcome. :wink:
I hope you enjoy it!


Thanks @carvalho20ptc :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Another Brazilian…That’s awesome, isn’t it? @Enki, @Silk and @Agetime…Am I forgetting anyone???


Oh, so I’m not the only one, nice. :grin:

And you’re welcome. I hope you enjoy it!


Game is also now free at Microsoft Store too. Check out the main post for the link.


Thanks. FYI. I clicked link. Not free anymore. It’s $0.99 now. :umbrella:



You’re welcome, and thanks for the heads up. I’ll remove the link.


Looks like a cool game. Sweet find.


Thanks. I hope you find it fun. :smile:


This sale will end in 6 hours, so if you haven’t claimed it yet do it now.

EDIT: One hour to go and then it’s bye bye giveaway.

EDIT 2: Ended.


Another one that’ll have to wait until I get better hardware. I only have a 32-bit OS available to me. (x64-exclusive)


If you already claimed it then it’s yours to keep forever, and so you can download it through the website or the launcher later. It’s a pity, though, but take your time.

Anyway, this giveaway has ended. For those who grabbed it I hope you enjoy it. For those who didn’t, well, better luck next time.
Sale has been extended, and thread has been edited accordingly!


(I only found out because of the error it gives when attempting to launch the binary/executable)


FYI - UPDATE. Today this IS free on the Microsoft Store again (it was not 2 days ago). :drum:


@carvalho20ptc thanks for sharing :heavy_heart_exclamation:
@delenn13 thanks for tagging me :sparkling_heart:

in addition to the thanks, I want to say that if someone else got lost in time (like me :sweat_smile:) and hasn’t yet redeemed the game, there’s still time! The giveaway has been extended for 2 more days and is available until Saturday :blush::sparkles:


@Amyrakunejo Well, maybe you’ll want to talk about this to the developer. He may help you with this, or you can wait until you get a better PC/notebook.

@markwr and @Agetime Thank you very much for your posts! I’ve already updated the topic! :+1:


Hurry! Itch’s sale ends in 2 hours while Microsoft’s ends in three!

EDIT 1: Microsoft sale ended has been extended too.

EDIT 2: Itch’s sale has been extended for 24 hours again.

EDIT 3: Sale has *finally ended Extended for 2 more days!