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Explain Your Icon!



I guess I chose my icon because I like fairies, magic and that sort of things. Lame, but magic rocks


I would, IF I HAD ONE.




Long story short, Synthwave, i love everything from retro futuristic to dystopian future (in general but i have a preference in the futures where technology took over humanity)


@bellegueule Thought you might like this, if you don’t already own it, take a look at Void And Meddler… the game checks off a couple of your “likes” and it won’t break the bank.


Might want to check out ‘Broken Reality’ if you didn’t know about it already. Also very interesting to those unaware (like I was 2 months ago!) about the music genre Vaporwave genre.

If you’re interested I highly recommend skipping the video and getting the game but im very partial to the weird… which both the game and the music genre are.