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Well, special thanks to everyone who has complained about my profile pic thus far. You’ve inspired me.

So… what do you think of my new pic?

Welcome our new Community Leaders!

yea…, -but you also said this:

sooo there’s that :man_shrugging:
:joy: :rofl: :joy:

(PS. i do enjoy your continued effort to keep me dizzy at all times i’m browsing the forum :smile:. Tho i do hope you don’t in fact dial it up to nausea rollercoaster lvls :wink:)


Well, I actually meant it about MG Survive. Just couldn’t resist a good troll post when it comes to The Witcher… if it makes things better, I make quite a few purchases on GOG, including other Eurojank-RPG’s. Either way, well played.

I just feel like I can’t win here. I was happy with my old pic, then everybody gets out their fancy gif’s, and I’m forced to keep up… but then nobody likes my gif’s? :frowning:


I like your gif CptMold. It’s ok…in Project Mayhem all gifs are equal.


about that, did you ever get around to Elex?

i’ve learned you have a way of finding things within a game, or ways to view it, that others don’t, (especially when critical or already initially decided), that finds something “good” in the “bad”
-doubt i’d actually ever had bought Homefront Revolution without your input
(i do doubt i’d ever like MGS enough to buy/try regardless, due to my dislike for most survival games/features)

i just found it particular funny here, because MGS (now) turned out to not be highly rated (meta bombing etc), making it the most fitting quote i could remember to reply with to the, obvious, witcher/fraggles troll jab :smile:
-no “avatar”/gif harassment intended :wink:

(all hail be to 90’s Quake pit sweats teen nostalgia)
it’s just unfortunate the giffyfying of that glorious icon ended in the effect to affect us lesser humanoids in such manner

-but then, all is fair to win in the arena i guess :smile:

Your thoughts humble bundle monthly, now with psychological attacks and adventuring.

I take your spinning fan and raise you


I was more talking about MG Survive’s Steam rating, which has unfortunately declined a bit since then. I feel like it gets way more hate than it deserves simply based on the shenanigans surrounding it. Not to mention, the press feels thoroughly one sided on slamming the game for things way outside of the developers’ control. With all the complaints you hear about publishers and weird restrictions or “they screwed our game,” Konami actually stands out for being incredibly cooperative when it comes to their games. They botch the marketing side a fair amount, that’s true, but in terms of actually letting their devs do what they want…

The article talks a fair amount about what went wrong with Lords of Shadow 2 in development, but in the end he doesn’t say a single bad thing about Konami-- quite the opposite, actually. Considering this interview and the actual budget/development time of Metal Gear Solid V, it just happens that I’m much more inclined to take Konami’s side than the guy who sits in his new multimillion dollar Sony office while sipping from a mug of “Konami Tears” while directly contradicting what he’s said in the past for a cheap stab at his old workplace.

I actually haven’t played much of ELEX yet. I played a few hours and had a great time in jankland, as the game has a pretty strong first hour. A short tutorial, some basic combat introductions, and one optional quest that’s way over your head. Needless to say… didn’t go well. “Haha, just going to escape with my jetpack and–” my last words before one of them pulled out a shotgun. Hm.

I ended up just getting them to follow me, then getting them to punch a troll. I just Dark Souls’d the troll and rolled all over the place while a bunch of bandits got stomped by a fight they really shouldn’t have started. Ten loot-dodges later, I went back to the main opening quest. I generally had a lot of fun, and it’s everything I expected from highly polished Eurojank. After that, some Windows 10 shenanigans happened and the game completely fell apart, so unless I want to play in a world with no lipsync and floating bows populating the towns, I’ll probably have to restart. Yes, that was Windows, not the game. A few other games broke in similar ways, at which point I just gave up and restarted my computer. I swear, I haven’t seen a Windows OS as unreliable as this since… well, ME.


So much spinning going on here. For the love of god, make it stop!



Gnuffi be like:

CptMold be like:


@coralinecastell Dis you?¿


When I saw her new icon I first thought of this picture:

Art is done by Ken Wong and it’s a favorite of mine.
The song is good too :blush:


Alright, alright, I concede. You win. No GIFs for me. I hope you’re all happy now that you’ve ruined my life aspirations. (proceeds to use another GIF anyway)

My new pic is a combination of my original pic for Chrono (and one I’m still quite proud of) that couldn’t quite fit in the circle template, along with my later pic that has caused severe distress among other users who can’t appreciate fine art expressed their concerns over my spinning GIF.

The color normally looks much better, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for a proper GIF.

Also @Gnuffi, any way I can give you TWO likes for your post, or do I just have to unlike it so I can like it again?


I love it…Classy!


oh noes my identity has been revealed I am abort mission

@Enki also has incriminating evidence guess i’ll leave now

(Btw that song is really good thanks for reminding me of it!)


no moar spinning


Take a look at my logo once more. You’ve won the battle, but not the war.

Also, the amount of likes that concession post has already gotten disgusts me. You’re all terrible. Darn you all.

Looking forward to more posts


I liked it not for the concession but for the brilliant Quaker brand.


Very clever use of the Quaker oats guy. Did you come up with that or has it been done before?

Either way, the new logo is great. :+1:

Also love how you managed to incorporate your spinning icon in a subtle act of defiance.


Not sure if it’s been done before, but I actually made this picture a LONG time ago. I was going to use it for Chrono, but it didn’t fit the circle. I don’t know why I didn’t just do this earlier… all I had to do was add some empty space to the canvas and click “Center.” In this case, for the GIF I had to first stretch the finished Quaker image in proportion until the Q matched the GIF’s Q, then I just fit the image to the layers and extended some empty space (followed by shrinking down the image to a more reasonable size… 3000x3000, really?).

This was the second version of the picture.

First, it was Sarge:

Then it was Crash:

Then a meme based on so-bad-it's-good artwork for Empire Earth II (still in progress):

And yeah, I need to bring back the original Q for that last one. Like I said, work in progress.

I have it saved as an XCF. Basically, it started with cutting the hair and hat, then turning it into a new layer. Once I have a face cropped (Quake III/Live faces are awesome because they’re so jagged that they cut cleanly), I can throw that in between the logo and the head decor. After that, I used the select tool to crop the Quaker logo into a separate layer, then deleted the original gradient. This was so that I could remove the Q and replace it with that QL logo. The gradient was drawn using GIMP’s standard gradient tool on its own layer.

When it didn’t fit in the circle, I just grabbed the QL PNG… then I found out this site allowed GIFs. The rest is history.