[expired] Voucher: 50% off "heroes" bundles on Fanatical [ended]

so fanatical is having a short easter thingy going, Fanatical, “crack” some “eastereggs” to get diff discount vouchers

Spoiler in case you want to find out for yourself:

(if you want to try and unlock a code yourself, (even tho you can just put in the voucher name listed in quotes in teh voucher box), in the site, like the store search box, just press/enter the code/commands listed below in ( )

  • 1: “EASTEREGG” - 12% off X (enter konami code to unlock, press arrow keys: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A)
  • 2: “GODMODE” - 60% off Doom (enter dooms godmode code, press: iddqd)
  • 3: “SUPERSONIC” - 82% off sonic games (enter debug code, press arrow keys: Up, C, Down, C, Left, C, Right, C, A)
  • 4: trolling/april fools joke (either that i somehow messed it up, tho i strongly doubt it - (enter ROCKETMAN)
  • 5: “BLOODMODE” - 50% off any “heroes” bundle, in the bundle section, (ex. fps heroes bundle, strategy heroes bundle, indie heroes etc etc) (press: A B A C A B B

now the last code/voucher is the interesting one imo
even tho not all fanatical “heroes” bundles are all great/inspiring, some of the bundles might have interest to some of you but have thought “if only if was cheaper”, so now can get those heroes bundle for half price

“Discount voucher expires at 8am UTC / 1am PST on Tuesday 3rd April.”

PS, on fooling around trying the vouchers; it appears it will only accept one voucher at a time/purchase,
so say if you you have booth doom, a heroes bundles and regular game, and try to enter 3 vouchers, only 1 will count excluding some/those that don’t apply accordingly, so if doom voucher is entered last, it will override the other vouchers, and only doom gets applied - so 1 voucher “type” per purchase
(can ofc put more than one heroes bundle in basket, since they apply to the same voucher, or more than one regular game to use with 12% voucher, but not “mixed” vouchers at the same time)


I will for sure take advantage of this … I was aiming on few of those bundles mainly 'cuz of one particular game in them. Those bundles were up for like ages though :smiley: I just saw this e-mail from them and thank you very much for the answers man! Like always - great work! :stuck_out_tongue: