EXAPUNKS - 3/14/19 - $14.99

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Description from Chrono.gg:

Sup? The year is 1997, but it’s different than you remember. You know how they say knowledge is power? Or the modern version, “Now you’re playing with power”? Well, imagine that knowledge was about how to hack anything you want, and imagine the power is to control almost anything you want, and now you’re starting to see it. You feelin’ pissed off when it looked like Deep Blue was gonna beat Kasparov? In this timeline, with the power of hacking, now it’s you who beat the machine.

And this isn’t some edgelord Ubisoft bs where you wear a bandana and wirelessly hack things with your magic cellphone while shooting bad guys and doing perfect kung fu. This is about taking systems, learning all about them, and breaking them to do your bidding. Air Force One and The Fifth Element WERE in theaters, but now they’re at your house. Need money to pay for some Spice Girls tickets? Hack a little, and now you’re on the list. There is no end to the power someone could get from actually understanding computers in 1997.

So please, if you’re ready for the realness, EXAPUNKS is on sale now…just beep us and we’ll come running…to the payphone to call you back to set up a time to make the purchase. But we’ll be doing it for free, because we’re hackers, and we don’t pay for phone calls. Read Zines. Write Viruses. Hack Everything. And if you can’t stand the heat, why don’t you just stick to your Nintendo 64? Maybe Chameleon Twist is more your speed…


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