Everyone's getting Downwell.

I love this game. I’ve had it for a while on GOG, and I like to play the crap out of it.

I noticed that a lot of Chronies are getting this game on Steam, and it has those Steam leaderboards.

The leaderboards have certainly added a ton of value to Mini Metro, so I was wondering if this might be a thing for Downwell. I’d definitely spend 74 cents to be able to play with you guys, even though I already own it on GOG.

Just wondering.


I’ve had it on Steam for awhile and used to play it a lot on my phone. I was never that good at it, but will happily revisit it and try to improve if this becomes a thing on the forum.


i just got it because ITAD told me it was cheap :flushed: (tho i/it also messed up slightly and i got it on steam when was actually cheaper for me on Humble -but at the time it didn’t display that)
tho seriously i have no idea when i get around to try it,
-i have a nasty habit of just buying games because “reasons” and then have them sit in my backlog for a long time while i’m doing other stuff…
“uuhhh look; my bellybutton!”
…wait what were we talking about? :crazy_face: :thinking:
anyways i see lots of chronies that already have it, so maybe they would enjoy making it a thing like the mini metro challenge ? what do you say well dwellers!?

and maybe i’ll jump in, down?, too “someday”… :thinking: no promises tho :blush: (-got a couple of other games lined up next “first”)


74 cents!!! What do you think I am a millionaire??? IMAGINE THE THINGS I COULD BUY WITH THAT

But seriously. It seems like a pretty neat game worth a little below a bucks antler.


Downwell’s pretty good for a game that normally costs $3. I have it on Steam and Android and although I like to think I’m somewhat good at the game on PC, I never quite got used to the touchscreen controls and have yet to beat it there.

Also $0.74 is a fantastic price.


Ok I bought the game. With minor regrets from the “Cheap” side of my brain.
If I go broke you owe me m8


I bought downwell a long time back when Caddicarus on YouTube reviewer it. It’s a lot of fun, although some of the themes you can change are better than others. The new abilities are cool though.


I just played for a few quick runs… Didn’t make it too far. It looks simple, but it’s fairly difficult. I like the ease of controls. Definitely going to go back for more later.


Just looked it up and noticed it’s on my not interested list. The screenshots made my eyes bleed. I cnt se e wha i tpe an y mor


I have a question :raising_hand_man:
It’s kind of dumb…but can someone tell me, what score is in this game. Is it how many gems you have or how far you get :face_with_raised_eyebrow:?

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Seems to be how many gems you have when you die. The biggest issue is shops use gems to purchase… I do not know whether that lowers your score if you make purchases, like in Spelunky… I have only picked up free upgrades/items so far, have not purchased anything from the shop yet.

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Thanks, I guess I’ll stop buying things from the shop if it lowers my score :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe the bet to make is that the stuff you buy can help you get far further and give you a return on the investment.


Definitely, after getting some mechanics down, if you are confident about making it farther, for sure.


I just tried it out, so actually, there is no deduction after purchase of your total score, it’s completely how many you have collected:

See my score at 658 and I have 108 gems, after spending 550 in the first shop I ran into.

And that shows here on the leaderboards:

So definitely, if there’s something good in the shop, buy it! It does not subtract from your total score. So use all your gems to your advantage.