ETHEREAL for Humble Monthly Subscribers from September 2018

Hi folks,

Just a quit word of notice, the game key for ETHEREAL is now available on your Humble Account if you were a subscriber in September 2018. The game just released on Steam a few days ago, so the keys just shipped to everyone.

I think it’s a really lovely minimalist puzzle game that gets rather challenging later on. The audio is pretty non-intrusive but nice and interesting. The whole game is without words, and is rather abstract. 24 puzzles overall.

Here’s my review if you are interested:



Thanks i might try it out.


How did you find this out? I saw nothing that revealed that it was there, I didn’t even know the game was on the list to begin, with let alone whether it was redeemable.


I actually saw it in my Steam Friends Activity Feed. I follow the Humble Group.


I got to play it a few days ago as a free review copy right after it released, and I saw it was a Humble Original. So I was looking in the Trove, etc. Then I looked on the discussion forums on Steam and the devs were talking about the keys that they sent to HB to give to the people that subbed during that time. I didn’t get an email or anything telling me that it was available. So I decided to tell everyone here.


well thanks for letting us know, it seems I would not have found out any other way. Was it even mentioned in September that more keys were coming?


You are welcome! :grinning: it was not mentioned, at that time, they had a downloadable demo with that monthly reveal. I think everyone was complaining about getting a demo. But nobody was told about the full release later on.