Epic Games vs Apple



The soap opera between Epic and Apple continues, with the later counter-attacking again.


No no no, Apple WOULDN’T be allowing sideloading apps. They would merely be allowing devs to generate keys for their own apps that are already on the app store so they could be sold elsewhere. Basically, the key would say “go to this app on the app store and give this person ownership of the app,” the same way Steam keys do. That’s what I was trying to say, and I think that’s what Rhyagelle was also trying to say.


that’s not how apps/appstores work…
-and the point is still flawed because you are demanding/forcing them, free of charge, into their business -apple is more than a platform, ex steam, apple is the entire iphone -it’s closer akin to the wallmart mention i did than steam


Apple also develops the platform you run the apps on and through as well as provides dev tools, documentation, support and other resources to developers on their platform. While Epic wants to suggest they’re just a glorified payment processor that’s just simply not the truth.


that’s actually part of what confuses me about Epic’s entire Apple attack(beside it being a stunt ofc), Apple literally does everything related to the Iphone, OS, hardware, construction, support, “infrastructure”, tools etc etc -and take 30% cut for their troubles (which Epic doesn’t like)
-on the otherhand, google does literally nothing besides being a repository - and takes a 30% cut of purchase/mtx - and somehow this offends Epic somewhat less than Apple’s “egregious monopoly”… :man_facepalming:


Not entirely accurate. They develop(ed) the Android base OS as well, they just release it as open source for companies to build on.


very true, - still very minimal effort compared to Apple i think, but indeed noteworthy of being more than “literally nothing” like i reduced them to :+1:




Is it just me, or does that seem really obvious? Like, how would a jury of one’s peers even work for two corporations? Would it be made of other corporations?


no idea, but from what I understand that it says here, if it wasn’t for COVID, they might have had a jury for this, so go figure

not sure “game journalists” are qualified to accurately report on these things anyway :joy:


Like they’re qualified to report on anything at all.


i think, not 100% sure, the video i saw of lawyer covering the EvsA thingy, he said/read from the brief, that both epic and apple respectively requested a bench trial, deliberately, seemed kinda unrelated to “covid/delays” since bench trial would still be in 2021 regardless due to the judge’s schedule (doubt 1 month makes a difference for them - probably more the uncertainty/potential bias/“IQ” of a jury they want to avoid)


something positive for smaller developers did come from this shit show apparently:


In June, the European Commission announced an antitrust investigation into whether Apple’s app store was in violation of EU competition rules, following a complaint from music app Spotify, and an e-book distributor.

Australia’s competition watchdog has also announced an investigation into the market power of the app stores run by Apple and Google.


good lol


imagine if MS had demanded a cut, even a small one, on every purchase made using windows OS :laughing: i think we’d have seen stuff like this a lot sooner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(is it petty i hope apple gets shafted from these investigations?)




meanwhile thinks paid exclusives, refusal to sell your games if you don’t accept exclusivity, is okay and not anti-competitive :ok_hand:


We all knew Tim Sweeney was a moron. Hopefully this ends the debate. lol