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Epic Games Store -- A Legit and Threatening Entity to Steam? (Now Discord)


Right, so I’ll never be able to get a refund from epic then.
No idea what so ever when my account was created, it’s old and been mostly dormant.

They don’t want the credit card you used to make the purchase, they want the credit card that was first used on the account. So in 10 years you better remember which old card you used first in their store. Then they need old invoices, what the hell?

Even more amusing there’s people in the tweetchain seriously trying to claim it’s better than Steam’s return policy.


i think that’s because of the “No 2h limitation” thingy, but given if Epic stands firm on even just half of these requirements, then i think it’s much much worse even without
-not to even mention the “then what beyond those 2” ??
and ofc the “we only refund as store credit” which some suggests might even be illegal, tho overall this policy might not sit well with regulations “outside the US,” if those tweet “lawyers” are to be believed :thinking:
(not sure how much stock to actually put in tweets where people proclaim XY illegal given they likely don’t work in the legal field :wink:)


Steams 2h limit is only for the automated refunds though. It’s clearly stated in steam’s policy that even beyond the 2h you can get a refund, but it’s going to need to be manually granted. What exactly they judge when processing such a refund request I don’t know though.


yup, i think overall people that are excited about this haven’t really looked at it too much apart the “no questions asked refund”
-the rest of it doesn’t really look appealing, until Epic decides to maybe clarify how strict the requirements will be, and the scope of the "2x refund"
because even if i’ve never used it yet, steam’s at least seem much more reasonable and user friendly, since it’s just a click of a button.
and sometimes i think a bunch of those that get rejected beyond 2h/2weeks are maybe people that have been a bit too over eager with the refund function, since in my mind it seems confusing why someone would get a refund way past the limit and another “couldn’t” get because 20min over the limit, -and Valve did state they would’t let the system be “abused”.
idono, if Epic is adamant on this convoluted approach, and more importantly the “whatever it means” with 2 refunds per player, then it seems about as bad as steams “old original” refund policy :smile:
-hoping it’s not ofc



I am planning to use it for those freebies and maybe an exclusive if it is really so tempting compared to my still exploding steam library…

So unlikely I will ever have to use the refund system.


I’m excited about the Subnautica freebie—I’ve wanted to play it for a while :upside_down_face:


Me too. :slight_smile: I haven’t gotten a VR set up b/c of lack of space, but I hear the flattened version is just as good. :slight_smile:


Me too. I missed it in the Humble Freedom Bundle when they ran out of keys…:exploding_head:


Subnautica seems pretty awesome, jus gotta remember to get the game o.o but they give enough time at least


Subnautica is now free, and confirmed to be free to keep!

“Subnautica will be free to download until 11:59PM EST on Dec 27. Best of all, once you grab the game, it’s yours to keep!”


Yes! Free to keep! Okay, I am totally happy with the Epic decision to draw people like us in the first year. :slight_smile:


Now Discord joins the fray…

I think we have a revolution on our hands now… After the seeds of discord have been sown… Every pun intended…


again, unless savings gets passed on to customers too, it’s 100% “annoyance” consumer move to split up physical platforms like that (imo)
doesn’t benefit “me” devs get 2% bigger cut on discord, as a knee jerk reaction to Epic, -if i still have to install their bs desktop client just to play my game, that i could play through GoG or Steam anyway :man_shrugging:


Yup, reiterated point taken. I definitely think that the benefit could potentially trickle down to cheaper prices on platforms that yield developers more revenue per copy sold.

In addition, this bigger paycheck could mean that potentially more developers can then reinvest more money into their next game in hopes of bigger and better things as well. In terms of improved quality, I will perceive that as a trickle-down benefit.

Intangible and impossible to measure these things are, we just have to see. But I have a feeling that Discord would not have made the same move had Epic not revealed their hands in the first place.

Likewise, even after having claimed Subnautica earlier today, I have yet to install the client for Epic.

@EyeQue had brought it up above, Playnite is a potential alternative and perhaps it will become akin to the Trillian (what I used to use) of instant messenger systems.


I am unfortunately skeptical that this will ever trickle down to lower prices (since prices are typically pretty similar to physical copy).


oh wow trillian, I forgot about that name


Reaganomics never works.


Still using it and still liking it too! :wink:


Alright, I caved in and got the Epic games client to play Subnautica. Personally, I think the client is kinda slow and clunky. It suffers from Windows 8 syndrome where the entire screen is made up of giant fricking panels. It is relatively new though, so hopefully it’ll be improved over time.