Epic Games Store -- A Legit and Threatening Entity to Steam? (Now Discord)

We know there are some different competitors to Steam at this moment. There are ones that occupy different spheres, such as BattleNet, Origin, and UPlay that have some crossover and some exclusive games. There is GOG which is still marketing the DRM-Free market and those people who don’t want to have their digital rights revoked at random and odd intervals based on rash decisions of other people (rare but can happen).

Now Epic has made a dramatic announcement regarding their much more desirable revenue split store:

Rest of the announcement aside, this is the biggest catch to draw developers (especially indie devs) away from Steam:

I am hoping this succeeds and gives Valve a wake-up call in terms of just playing fair. Previously mentioned competitors don’t have this kind of revolutionary breakdown and perhaps, just perhaps, Steam will need to actually pay attention to their developers and players in order to stay relevant in the future.

I understand that the huge Steam user-base plus the huge database of existing titles will keep it running without any additional tune-ups in the near future. But if Epic succeeds, I can see Valve having a lot of their existing games jump over to the other platform as well, not to mention new games that may have a seriously financial incentive to never publish to Steam altogether.



Unsure how relevant this information is but feels necessary to at least mention the total ownership Tencent has on Epic games is 40%.


88% is good for developers but what benefit is there for consumers to draw them away from Steam?


Competition? It’s like a direct parallel to all the streaming services that fights for your tv viewing time, so you’ll eventually have to decide which launcher to drop depending on availability, overall library and price.


I literally deleted my epic games launcher yesterday xD

I’m sick of the RISK of fortnite being installed.


tbh, i don’t like it… i’m tired of this fragmentation like with streaming services
added recently, discord client store, inc Epic store, and who knows when Tencent client is landing too
i’m NOT gonna have 10fcn clients just to be able to play a simple video game… it’s getting completely ridiculous, and i hope the various platforms don’t get any (good) exclusives that’s gonna “force” me to have 100gb allocated merely for 25 diff clients…

tv piracy has gone up since networks decided to each make their own streaming service instead of just consolidating
-i wonder what the PC piracy digits will look like when people need 40diff acounts and download services in 5 years just to get the “ease and qol comfort” of pc gaming…

what was that post where we talked about having a client to run a service to go through a launcher just to run a game… ?
KISS :man_facepalming:


I’m with @gnuffi on this one. We’re going to need someone to create a meta-client that will connect to and mimic the interaction of every other client to their relevant servers. Like we used to have with instant messengers in the early noughties.

Exclusivity has never really benefited the customer and unless the devs are willing to charge 23% less (or however the math actually works out) on Epic’s store this just wont matter to the greater population.

I suppose Epic’s client now has a sufficiently large installed user base to look tempting due to fortnite’s popularity. Should you go for an exclusivity deal with Epic instead of a steam launch though, you better be damn certain you target demo is fortnite players and that you have something they want to pay you for.


Competition is good, I like that.

Not sure if the big numbers of Steam nulify that idea to some degree. If you earn less but sell more and the production cost is the same no matter how many digital copies you sell, well, you get the idea.

Indie game lovers are a good chunk of demographic population among the consumers of videogames today though, so it wouldn’t be very strange to see them move as a pack from Steam to other place. GOG has done that to some degree in the sense many people preffer it but both their “reduced” catalog and previous purchases people made in Steam keep Steam being a force to recognize.


I was reading about this yesterday and I’m intellectually conflicted about it, and realise how stupid some of my arguments are. Competition is obviously good, whether it be from a company like Epic (Booo!) or someone we’d all be happier supporting. It should drive prices in a direction more favourable to the consumer and create a more vibrant and potentially volatile ecosystem, with more frequent updates and better support. Look at GPU’s and Nvidia’s dominance (MEGA UBER BOOO!) Although the winds may be changing, for now graphics card pricing is crazy. But…

…much like Gnuffi I’m at launcher threshold levels - I’m ok with Steam, Origin, Uplay and occasionally GoG’s Galaxy. I have no problems with them, and I think a lot of the moaning about the poor quality of Uplay and Origin comes from the fact we become Steam institutionalised. Also, I very, very seldom buy games on Steam as I can’t afford their prices, even in sales (more so now due to life 'n stuff!) and so most of my games come from low tier Humble or Fanatical Bundles. or multi-game trades (or awesome, amazing, generous and wonderful friends). So how does that competition help me? Not very much as those prices are unlikely to change. What concerns me is if this is going to have any impact upon the longevity of the service on offer.

I like Steam because I feel it’s dominance guarantees is continuing existence. Whilst it’s unlikely that they’ll suddenly be on shaky ground with a little competition, anything that rocks the boat introduces uncertainty and my inner paranoia makes me worry about where my Steam games will be in 20 years time.

At the end of the day if Indie companies leave Steam because of the recent Steam tax reveals that’s no good for us. Although the draw is that Steam has massive market penetration, if you’re making three times the money you need three times fewer sales. I would actually be happy if the only change to come from this would be the recalculation of how Steam takes profits to get closer to the Epic model. They’re going to take more because of their reach, but at the moment it just looks like robbery.

So competition good, unlikely to be a threat to Steam but certainly an annoyance and will probably have an impact on the games available and the profits made. Let’s just hope Steam steps up its game!


^and this :+1:
Epic might be schmoozing with a proposed bigger cut (but lets not blame Steam for that “30%” since Gamestop etc initiated that ages before), but i seriously doubt it’s gonna mean better prices for customers, if at all. And likely even if, we might not even be talking cents with the way bundles and 90% discounts already roll

i just don’t see much/“any” benefit to this move, “only” downsides :face_with_raised_eyebrow: #NaturalPessimistGrump


Sign me up to that Steam Group.


I think any information is relevant in the appropriate context. Since I brought it up after reading about it, I think it’s perfectly relevant for the situation.

Like @HouGuard already mentioned, I am hoping for competition to make Steam make a bigger move to match, because they are bigger and are able to do it, just a matter of willingness. As a result, this might drive prices down a bit overall (I mean, or not at all for some games I am sure. Sometimes I see such crappy games marked up at ridiculously high prices I just want to cry.) Before there was any realistic competition for Steam, I think they could decide whatever and get away with it. The recent Steam announcement regarding their revenue sharing of more towards developers once they sell such and such amount was likely directly triggered by this.

I have never used the launcher and never played Fortnite, so I didn’t know how cumbersome this is.

I rather dislike this particular bit as well. I wish every service could give players an option of running a client or not, like GOG does. I have UPlay and rarely use it. I don’t launch Origin at all. GOG I am on a little bit more often, but for the most part I am on Steam because that’s where the majority of my games are located, plus the biggest game database in terms of availability.

Wouldn’t that be nice, to have some services being used simultaneously without needing to have the individual launchers/clients. I used to use Trillian as a go to for such a long time, I thought it was the greatest thing in the world!

I agree, as that means monopolizing a particular field in some shape or form. Plus it’s a bully system with the fallacious “you are either with us, or you are against us” mentality.

In my mind I was thinking of the revenue sharing that could allow the devs to lower the prices as well. Perhaps not for all of the revenue difference, but to partly share it with the consumer. Any kind of cost sharing will have some impact on the decision-making on the consumer’s part.

Never having played Fortnite or used Epic, I wasn’t really thinking about the existing user base. Though this is a really good point. I was actually not thinking of exclusive deals at the time, more just thinking about one more distribution service and more widespread of all monies that may sway Steam to be more fair to the developers on their end.

Absolutely, this is the thing about all things digital. Selling more copies and having a service to go through means that you just need to worry about refining your product, and not needing to worry about copies generated and distributed, shipping costs, etc. As long as it is on a stable server that can take the amount of expected traffic, you can just watch the sales/stats without having anything tangible beyond a rolling bank account I guess.

I guess I really haven’t paid attention to Epic or anything Epic -related to know about the depths of their practices.

I know I have, unfortunately. Long gone are the days when all of the games that you could play are games stacked on a physical rack. It’s not been too long gone since I wasn’t even buy any digital rights, but trying to secure as many physical copies of games as possible. Of course my latest computer purchase doesn’t even feature an optical drive and I didn’t flinch a bit.

This is the main reason I have hopped on the train myself, many years later compared to a lot of folks here. I certainly don’t want anything to happen to Steam, as so many of us have invested so much into this one entity.

I would hate to see Indie groups leave due to this, though the much broader user base with more varied preferences at the moment on Steam means that a lot of them won’t hesitate to stay with the behemoth in the industry in hopes of becoming the next biggest indie hit that will rock your socks, like Hollow Knight or Dead Cells. Absolutely, way more sales through Steam will likely mean a bigger profit overall through there, despite 30% vs 12% fees, unless they can sell a lot. though Steam’s announcement regarding the differed revenue sharing clearly was not in alignment with indie-industry growth and development, and that caused quite a brouhaha already.


Yay for bundles and 90% discounts! This current reality has broadened my gaming horizons way more than I could think possible.


That is a indeed a big deal considering the current state of China. I’d avoid spending money on their stuff at the moment.


That’s neat and all, but tell me when the Epic Games Launcher has basic functionality/stability and UI design. That 18% has its price…


I don’t see much cumber in having different launchers, everyone and their mother seems to be trying, the only one to have an actual hold on things is the Uplay store, who have a stranglehold on south park games, assassin’s creed, and any tom clancy titles, we need to use that launcher to play them, and if you do, you can sometimes unlock cosmetic or even game easing boosts, I have a feeling this might be where most of the exclusives with this epic store will happen.

now I saw a video yesterday that was very well informed and mostly user based biased, I got a lot of information I didn’t know on it and I’d like to share it with you guys, which I think is better than me just mirroring his facts, like how it could potentially (high drastic emphasis on that there) drop the price of games that appear in the epic store over steam.

I don’t really care either way, they will always be cheaper anywhere but the manufacturer anyway, “IsThereAnyDeal” will probably never have it appear on its roster of stores in my wishlist.


I like competition since steam is still annoying to navigate. But epic can’t compete with the number of steam games.

And if the argument is that developers don’t get paid enough, 88% vs. 65% of revenue, then steam can just match their percentage. Then they have no reasons anymore and problem solved.

I don’t see how customers benefit in cost from this anyway. Discounts maybe? If I never read this excuse for having a separate launcher, I would just think they want more money in an already successful game.


You’re talkng about a destination without mentioning how you got there. How are they going to attract customers away from Steam in the first place? 88% is good for developers but what is the benefit to customers? There’s strong resistance to use yet another gaming client.

They’re crappy games anyway, so who cares? If people will pay that much then either 1) they don’t agree with your opinion that it’s a crappy game, or 2) they just have more money than sense in which case i say good for the developer for cashing in.

I don’t think this is true, Steam already has a lot of competition for pricing. They’re just lacking real competition for the client software and keys (nearly everyone sells Steam keys).

I don’t keep up with Steam news but i feel like you’re probably giving too much credit to Epic. In the same way you can’t prove your speculation, i can’t prove mine either. :tongue:


hahahahhaha :rofl:, -no :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
why do you think prices did not fall when going digital, or why a digital games still cost 60$ vs a physical copy that also costs 60$ despite the massive margin difference, or even why sony/ms/blizzard ie first party/proprietary publishers prices STILL match every other store, physical or digital even?

business don’t like to be undercut, -they just wont carry your games then :man_shrugging:


Nothing can compete with Steam simply because of the large variety of Steam games and years behind Steam. The problem with other clients is that they stick to a strict kind of small library or band of developers, making it nearly impossible for them to ever even dream of competing.


I am focusing on that “nearly” part.

People would have thought it impossible to compete with Microsoft a few years ago especially when Apple went bankrupt, but look at where things are now.

I am looking at this as a potential for another broad-spectrum inclusive network.


Likely, but if there’s credit due, it deserves it.

By magic! I just mean that some devs may decide to try both Steam and Epic, this may draw revenue away. If the profit favored use of Epic, then the next game the same devs may opt to choose to skip Steam and see what happens. I am talking about slow progression with time, nothing immediate or dramatic until small trends that may affect results years down the line.

I do hope that this mean eventually trickling some benefit with some lowered base prices, so that then when we see those 90% discounts, it will be just a few cents noticeable. :slight_smile:

I honestly had no knowledge or personal experience with the Epic system, so I apologize in advance.


Though then again, considering the current state of the US, we should’t be too optimistic either…