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Epic Games Launcher Help



First of all, Epic sucks. Now that that’s out of the way, I need some help. I’m having two issues. My games will not sync when I hit sync now. The syncing date that it has was from 8/31. When I hit sync now, it does something, but doesn’t update the date when it’s synced. So, it’s clearly not working in some form whether the date is not being updated, or the sync just flat out doesn’t work. I contacted their support, they are utter garbage and they had said for me to try to clear the cache which I suggested, so they clearly only took what I had thought and told me something I already knew I could at least try. That was a waste. Oh and it didn’t work.

Now the second issue is that my game library used to show my installed games at the top. Now I have to search through my list of games just to find each one. You can see how that can be annoying if you have a million games. Luckily I don’t, but it is still annoying when it was a nice convenience to see exactly which games I already have installed. The support that was provided this time was basically no support whatsoever. They asked if I had some errors and to describe the issue more. Well, there were no errors and also there was nothing else to describe. Couldn’t even give a suggestion to at least try. Now I know it’s ok to ask about the errors, but to not give any suggestion just shows how incompetent their “support” is. Now that my rant is over about how awful their support has been, at least in my eyes.

I looked up both these issues beforehand and found no solutions. So, I am here to get some help from you all since, I easily trust all of your help than their awful joke of a “support” team. Sorry I keep quoting support, but they are seriously a joke so far.


I don’t have mine installed so i am really no help at all. But the LAST MEASURE I WOULD TAKE(Because it’s drastic) is uninstall and then reinstall. Hopefully someone has a better suggestion…


That would be the last thing to try like you said. But, thanks anyways. Trying not to do that for now.


Sounds like they have a skeleton crew on the support line. O_O

Hm, mine is the same way - games are strictly in alphabetical order. There’s no option I noticed to filter the view to show installed games first either. That is sudden and odd.

Also not blue dot asking to update the launcher either.

I don’t know about syncing though. My stuff was on the external hard drive, which is now apparently quite dead after a hard fall.


It seems that the last update fucked up the library. I had too the installed games on top and now they are alphabetical. Only enter on the platform for the free games, had an extra account for my brother and was hacked the moment I bought satisfactory, the platform is a mess. and didnt know that you can sync the games. has sync any use¿?.

Apart from that is really sad how Tim is handling the exclusives and the platform it self. I could start complaining about it but meh.


I’m going to guess installed games don’t appear at the top of the library because someone decided it’s redundant with quick launch on the home page.


I actually got a real answer from their support. Sounds like they actually did change the games to show up alphabetically. Which that’s fine, but having the installed games at the top of the page was really nice. Who knows when the filter option will actually come out even though they have it on their agenda to come up soon. Thanks everyone for confirming I’m not the only one with this issue. @DarkDemonXR Yeah there is a sync option under each individual game’s settings. Not every game has it though. Now if it actually works, I have no clue. You would probably have to test it out, but that might be a bad idea since Epic needs to get it together and who knows what actually works. Also, for the syncing, it seems like launching the games then allows the games to sync iirc, but the sync on command doesn’t seem to work. So my question is, why even have the option if it’s not going to even work? Ugh…these companies. I swear.


Yeah, but I assume that the sync option is for, like on steam, sync info on the cloud… saves ie. But since supposedly epic doesnt have cloud for every game, or at least that it was what they told, I still really dont know the use of sync on the platform


I’m thinking the same thing. That’s all it must be.