Epic Games Bought Kamu's Easy Anti-Cheat.


this still wont get me unbanned :frowning:


nice new icon there @TR3NT :+1:

dang, could be awesome if “someone” could (finally) make some decent online mp anti cheat (for more than just Fortnite ofc)

PS. stop cheating in mp games people dang it! :triumph:



Thanks :slight_smile:


I suppose my biggest question is this: what does this mean for Onward, Paladins, and all the other big multiplayer games that have resorted to using EAC?

I’m honestly hoping that I can trust Epic to follow their precedent from their use of Unreal Engine and continue business as usual, but you never know.

I know that EAC is supposed to be the big bad because it takes pictures of your screen and other things like that, but save for some random stuttering in Paladins (and I mean, once under just every hour) that I’m sure stems from EAC and one case (also Paladins) where installing the game had a few inconvenient extra steps due to a bug, I don’t really have any problems with the service. Also to the service’s credit, I’ve had a single instance where someone was hacking in Fortnite BR (it was in Season 1), and if anyone ever hacked in Paladins, I don’t actually remember it. That’s a pretty great ratio of playtime to hacking instances.

So… yeah. It presumably does its job, and I don’t notice it. Overall, I don’t mind if it appears, and I just hope that nothing nasty happens to it now that Epic owns it with how it’s used in Paladins.

Unlike… y’know… that nasty boogieman from Austria that shreds your loading times and probably installs a rootkit we’ll find later…


my “only” potential gripe with EAC is how it’s been/being abused by “certain” publishers to make sure they keep their stranglehold to be able to fck over customers with piss poor gameplay/progression and MTX in singleplayer games, and i find that utterly disgusting :triumph:
-if epic games decided to stop working with some of those partners, i wouldn’t think anything bad of them for that reason :wink:


Maybe EAC will be better now and maybe Epic will handle the unfair banning or terrible support.

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