Epic Free: The Textorcist



NOTE: Next week’s free games will be:

  • Elite Dangerous
  • The World Next Door

NOTE: Neverwinter was already FTP (Free To Play) on Steam, but it’s also just been added Free to Epic (if you prefer it there, or as a backup):


Thanks @markwr


Free next week, Nov 19 - Nov 26…

From @carvalho20ptc

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I was really excited to try The Textorcist and someone kindly gifted me a copy on Steam a few months ago. I didn’t manage to get very far before it got frustrating for me, unfortunately. It doesn’t have good intuitive controls that you can adapt to after a while like in Epistory, instead I had to keep moving my hand to move my character to avoid enemy fire and try to touchtype at the same time, it just felt so awkward at having to make so many hand shifts. Anyway, I am glad that it’s free for people to here try, but I did not have a good time. Plus after the first few levels, it became a constant stream of needing to type Latin-appearing incantations instead of English, and so it was a letter-by-letter recognition and typing for speed instead of reading a line and typing it. Ugh… Anyway, I hope someone else has a better time.


@YQMaoski thanks for taking the time to give us a review and heads-up so we know what to expect :postal_horn:




Excited for Elite Dangerous.


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Thanks for the post, and @GeekInUndies for the mention.

I’m also looking for more those games from next week than this one, in special The World Ends With You, since it’s on my Steam wishlist and it peaked my interest. Elite Dangerous looks good too, since I’ve only heard good things about the original game.