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Epic Free Game: Kingdom: New Lands


Here’s the latest Epic Store giveaway. :smiley: A very good and simple game.

I know the link is for the US store, not sure if it would redirect properly for other regions… Sorry if it doesn’t.


And forgot to mention, the next free game will be


Thanks @uncandy for the reminder below!


hmm i wonder if they are busy again this week, :thinking:
i click the “free” button, and it sorta thinks for second, and then just nothing, and the button is “refreshed” again,
i’ll give it a moment and two shakes of a lamb’s tail then try again :+1:


Probably wait for a couple of hours, when all of the hullabaloo of getting a free game for millions of people are through the first wave…


I was able to open Epic launcher just now and redeem a copy. Ymmv


Next free game is a big one…enter the gungeon!


yup, gonna be a big opportunity for people to get it that has missed out on the sales before, or ofc just those that want it but haven’t




Same here.


The current game is pretty neat. I’m really excited about Enter the Gungeon after a lot of the last few giveaways were games I already owned, including this one.


Huh didnt work via pc but mobile redeem did lol


I have Kingdom: New Lands on Steam and I very much enjoy the game. Pixel art aficionados like myself can’t help but appreciate the artwork, of course, but the gameplay and music are nice, too. Can sometimes be frustrating that you can’t control any unit except for the king/queen, though. The hermits sometimes like to go for a suicidal stroll into the danger zone for absolutely no reason at all, and that can put a damper on the fun of an otherwise good run.


@Gnuffi, worked for me on browser just now. Though I didn’t try it for the last couple of hours. Not sure when the functionality returned.


Yeah finally worked for me as well - was in the same situation as @Gnuffi. Thank you very much for the check up and the notion itself… I would have probably forgotten about the game tomorrow :smiley:


wow, didn’t expect enter the gungeon to show up as a giveaway.


Thanks, Yogi :heavy_heart_exclamation: