Epic 2 Free Games: Pillars of Eternity - Definitive Edition, and Tyranny - Gold Edition

NOTE: Next week’s free game will be … MYSTERY GAME
:zap: (15 Days of FREE Games starting 12/17/20) :zap:
“Also starting December 17, we’ll be giving away a new game each day for two weeks straight - that’s right, it’s 15 Days of Free Games! Each game will be free to claim for just 24 hours, but they’re yours to keep forever.”


OMG Cyberpunk 2077 free for eveyone on Epic Games :joy:


15 days of epic repeats?


No it will not be Cyberpunk. :disappointed_relieved:

Still if they do some repeats, I know at least one guy late to the Epic party that will be pleased ^^

And man they wilding out for the season.


Shows what you know squirrel girl!

Come on Cyberpunk…


Also, anyone that was away from computer due to COVID or similar reasons could benefit from repeats. :postal_horn:


Ah, so it’s finally here. Thanks for the post, @markwr. :+1:
I’ll grab them ASAP!

NOTE: Next week’s free game will be … MYSTERY GAME …

Let’s hope it’s something on the same level as GTA V. Perhaps DOOM Eternal or Borderlands 3 ? :wink:

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I wonder if this will spell the conclusion of the Epic free games, because wasn’t it supposed to have ended last year? after their 2 week marathon? But they decided to keep it going?


I’m also curious about that too.

And yes, it was supposed to be 1 free game every two weeks throughout 2019. Before we know it they were giving a free game every week, and in the majority of cases, two per week. Then it was that 2 week marathon with free games every day. 2020 was, at least, a free game every week.

If they keep doing it throughout 2021, what’s your view on that? What is the reason do you think they’ll keep doing it?


To keep up another year (or whatever time) of their store front to ensure traffic and potentially clicking on other deals and sales. I am glad they are doing it and supposedly paying for the copies that we redeem for free, at least the developers are getting something out of it.

I like the weekly freebies, and I will keep collecting them. I have played a few myself and have had a good time.


It’s not “supposedly”. Tim Sweeney already confirmed that they pay for the games to be free. Also, the infographic that they released in the beginning of this year, with last year’s numbers, showed how much they spent with those free games and with the coupons.

But, imo, if they need a third year of free games (and probably coupons), after giving between 100 and 200 free games during 2 years, to ensure traffic to the store, then it shows that they don’t have a stable number of users that spend money there, and that they’re irrelevant without those perks.


I loved Tyranny, it was really engaging - the Magic system was interesting, and a really nice fresh take on casting - with the ability to create and modify spells in a way I haven’t really come across before.

By the end of it Verse was a murder machine that was a joy to watch - so satisfying!

I was pretty sad how badly the release / publicity - whatever it was, was bungled meaning that there is unlikely to ever be a follow-up. :frowning:


Fuck Epic…but these are really good games.