Enhanced Steam is Now Augmented Steam and It Works!

Attention: @Animosity and @onLooSe and others who use Enhanced Steam.
They were forced to changed the name to Augmented Steam. It’s working for Firefox and Chrome(Works in Vivaldi…Haven’t tried PaleMoon but I bet it works and in the comments someone said it works for Opera.)

I have more stuff to post, just got to find the time but this was a priority to post :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I mean I always thought it has cool functionality, but what makes you trust them with your credentials?


you dont? you use the steam website to search for games without being logged in, then click on the link view in steam launcher to open the desktop app then buy the game there.

also i’m not even sure they are able to intercept login info if you log in on the website if you want to use the more indepth feature

EDIT: there’s also source code available if you want to check it out, there is not way to know if it’s the same code that’s actually running on the servers tho

Privacy Policy

The extension communicates with IsThereAnyDeal servers to ensure functionality of some of the features of the extension.

Usually, these requests consists of the IDs of the games you are browsing and your currency. These are not tied to your account in any way.

Profile features may require to send your numerical Steam ID, e.g. for custom backgrounds. To use these features, you may be required to log in to our servers via Steam, in which case your numerical Steam ID will be stored on our servers.

To ensure quality of service, requests to our servers are logged. These logs contain your IP address and are stored for no longer than 90 days, but usually 30 days.

Feel free to review the extension code and server code.

To request more information or removal of your data, please contact es@isthereanydeal.com.

Note: We are using a database dump from 17th January 2019, provided by original author, from which all sensitive information was removed.
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Consider the following:

  1. What if I would wanna log in on the page cause I don’t have Steam installed on a device?

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I’m just not into blindly trusting software for a minor upgrade of my shopping experience.

Privacy policy sounds OK, I don’t like to open more doors for potential abuse tho, I guess I’ll pass. I just have too much important shit going on in my browser :sweat_smile: