[ENDED] Steam Winter Sale 2023 (Dec 21st 2023 ~ Jan 04th 2024)

Countdown for the Sale!

Another year, another sale, more broken wallets… :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:

As usual, this post will be edited once the sale begins.

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It has begun, go, go, go!


stupid steam not showing my purchase on activity page for some reason

anyways, hoping to stream this soon


How the hell was Starfield even nominated to “most innovative gameplay”? It’s just skyrim in space and from what I can tell the only things that separates it from skyrim is straight up lifted out of no man’s sky.

Is there seriously even one single aspect of this game that one would consider innovative?


Of course. They added space to Skyrim. That’s innovative! Right?


yes, the fact that instead of doing stuff like landing and taking off yourself, in addition to tons of other actions, it’s all done through cutscenes. None of the other games are doing this.

It’s not just innovative; it’s revolutionary.

It’s the first post-technological-and-innovation-progressive game.


Yeah, even certain modders have given up on the game for being “boring and bland”.

This video dissecting the game is a good indicative of said mentions.


So games that I feel don’t deserve their nomination

GOTY - FC24.
Labor of Love - RDR2. I think all are poor choices with Deep Rock being the least poor.
Steam Deck - Diablo. Hogwarts I have concerns about how well it runs.
Innovative - All of them.
Game You Suck at - Overwatch 2.
Soundtrack - The Last of Us. This re-release of a re-release shouldn’t be here.
Story Rich - The one that appears to be a dating sim.


I have an urge to tell a joke…

If they ever come out with a game named “Vacuum Cleaner Simulator”, I’d hope it would win “Game You Suck at”.

Sorry, I couldn’t stop myself. :nerd_face:


Since Steam is not showing the games I got there in the feed, here’s those I got today:

And for Ubi I got:


Green Man Gaming has Skyrim SE for a very price. $6.80 USD

Only up to charge phone and set alarm. Will consider getting it at this historical low. :thinking:


I don’t need any new games, already got space wreck and the golden idol dlc installed for when i get bored of Fallout 4.

That said, looking at Satisfactory and that new Steamworld game.


No one on this forum needs more new games, but we all know what fi about to go down.


I’ve seen only a few of 324 on my wishlist that look good and have good sales attached to them. Torn Away (this one looks really good), Omori, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection + Shredder’s Revenge, Pharaoh: A New Era, COLLECTION of SaGa: FINAL FANTASY LEGEND (man they really need to come up with better naming conventions), Devil Spire, Jurassic Park Evolution 2 and The Isle (I love dinos!). They look great plus have good sales, but parts of my PC have broken, so I need to save for that. At least that makes it easier to ignore this sale. lmao

I wonder what GMG is offering. Hmm.


Eh, FECK IT. I’m going to be in the military in a few months anyway, doesn’t really matter if my extra storage goes out or my USB PCIe hub. lol


I picked up Crysis Remastered because it was 96% off and was 1.50 or so. I’m pretty sure that was a price glitch!

Also I just wanted to say Merry Christmas, chronies!


I picked up Torn Away and the Isle. Hopefully the later ain’t poopey, but it’s been on my wishlist for a really long time. lol

Merry Christmas everyone! Or happy holidays! :slight_smile:


I ended up picking up a few things. Torn Away (it was great, but sad), The Isle, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla (didn’t have the DLC!), Songs of Syx (I actually wanted this for a while, from when it was on that indie website and I tested the demo), and Pharaoh + Cleopatra. The later of which will not work no matter what I do. lmao

I also gifted a few games to my sister. I picked her up BattleBit (she loves quick fps games) and Dusk and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition as well as The Elder Scrolls Online and Demonologist, and was gifted Dusk and Omori. I think I want to pick up a few more games for her, but it’ll have to wait a few days. She loves horror games, and I’ve got a few I think she’ll absolutely love. lol


I picked up:
Retro City Rampage

American Truck Sim: Colorado

NIMBY rails


Picked up Retro city because it was on sale and lately that’s been rare. Ats Colorado was cheaper than what I ever expected any of the DLC for that game to discount to. The last two I got because I was interested in them and they were cheaper than my consideration price.

I played Retro city and Slipways already and have opinions for both. To keep it short, Retro city can be summed up with “WTF?!” And Slipways can be shortened to “disappointing, relies on ‘just trust me bro’ puzzle gameplay.”

Might consider buying more before the sale ends.

In other news, the steam award winners are out.

We have two non deserving winners imo. Starfield, for the innovation of Skyrim in space and cutscenes. And The Last of Us from 2022 from 2013, for remaking and reselling under a different SKU.


I’m sorry, but that Starfield win is 100% bought out or botted out.


I think it’s also a problem of all options being meh and people choosing what they’ve heard of. I really don’t know how those other games made the list.


Yeah, it’s a popularity contest, and indie releases have no chance of winning those awards. Deep Rock Galactic and Hi-Fi Rush losing on their respective categories to games like those is a slap to the face of the devs.

And yet people will say that The Game Awards is “rigged” (which translates to “my favorite game didn’t win so they’re cheating”) and that this Award is totally legit and trustable. Go figure. :roll_eyes:

Also, it doesn’t help that mostly people vote for the sake of XP points and free stickers.